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Abuse of blue badge - should I report it?

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InMyShoes Mon 06-Dec-04 10:20:40

I don't know what to do. Someone I work with has a blue badge which belonged to her mother who sadly passed away 18 months ago. However, this person didn't return the badge and is now using it to park on double yellow lines outside work.
I feel that she should return the badge, but I know she won't.
Should I report it?

xmashampermunker Mon 06-Dec-04 10:24:42


misdee Mon 06-Dec-04 10:24:49


xmashampermunker Mon 06-Dec-04 10:25:09

Great minds, Misdee!

Hulababy Mon 06-Dec-04 10:26:33

Yes - I agree.

FeastofStevenmom Mon 06-Dec-04 10:26:47


PickasillyChristmasName Mon 06-Dec-04 10:26:58

Yes, you should

ladyhawk Mon 06-Dec-04 10:27:28

YES absolutly

coppertop Mon 06-Dec-04 10:30:13

Yes you should report it. This person is taking the p*. I hear so many stories of people having to battle for a blue badge that it really makes my blood boil to hear of people abusing the system like this.

Presumably this person doesn't have a disability of their own? Is there no possibility that it might belong to her rather than being her mother's old one?

onlyjoking9329 Mon 06-Dec-04 11:06:53

check if it is her mothers badge first, then report her

DoesntChristmasDragOn Mon 06-Dec-04 11:12:17

Make sure it is her mother's badge and then report her.

Carla Mon 06-Dec-04 11:13:16


NomDePlumPudding Mon 06-Dec-04 11:14:49

Agree with others who say double check that it doesn't belong to your colleague and then report her if she is abusing it.

NomDePlumPudding Mon 06-Dec-04 11:17:35

All the details etc of the blue badge holder should be on the displayed permit, just take a detour over to her car and have a peep, see if the names etc match up.

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Mon 06-Dec-04 11:18:00


If she wants the badge she should have a bloody disability

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Mon 06-Dec-04 11:19:00

ooo ... I think you hit a funny bone then .. sorry

agree with far more sensible posters .. check to see its not hers first then report her

noddyholder Mon 06-Dec-04 11:27:30

Definitely check 1st in case she has an invisible condition which does require it

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Mon 06-Dec-04 11:40:31

Oh, that's awful. Yes I'd report it but try and check first.

cranberryjampot Mon 06-Dec-04 11:41:44

Yep report it after checking

sparklymieow Mon 06-Dec-04 11:51:06

YES YES YES!!!! (though I will admit to using DD1's badge when I have DS the car as I can't find his badge, keeping trying to phone them, but they are always closed or busy when I phone)

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Mon 06-Dec-04 12:37:48

I pulled into a disabled bay on Friday and then realised I'd left Lottie at home with my dad and promptly reversed 0ut and found another, non-disabled, non-mother&baby space.

sparklymieow Mon 06-Dec-04 12:49:29

I don't use the disabled bays if I have no DS or DD1, or a toddler bay if I have no kids. I can walk (in fact when I go to the local Morrisons I tend to park far away from the store, when I have no kids with me, because its easier to park up my tank!!!)

Thecattlearemerloting Mon 06-Dec-04 14:09:43

Yes report her. If you feel you can, I would challenge her directly. After all, she presumably knew how invaluable it was to her own mother.

DingleAlltheWay Mon 06-Dec-04 14:20:47

Just supporting what has already been said. If she is mis-using this badge then you must report it. Personally I wouldn't do it face to face-I would go through the authorities.
It has already been said but there are so many people out there who need to fight to get a badge they rightly deserve, and others (like me) that feel I just have to put up with the extra hassle of dd's "disability" because the system seems so crap.
It is almost understandable that you have such a fight on your hands after reading about this type of misuse!
Sorry-get off your soapbox Dingle!

JaysMumWantsaSilentNight Mon 06-Dec-04 14:22:40

Like evryone else has said ....try and check out names etc on badge ....or just ask in passing if she has a noticed the badge etc....see what she says....might embarrass her into handing back the badge....or you could go into work and have a good moan about irresponsible people who always park up in disabled parking spots etc...but make sure she hears you......

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