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Any ideas on how to keep ds2 still for a bone scan

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meea Fri 03-Dec-04 12:30:00

the letter has arrived this morning I am now getting in a flap .He has to have an injection in the morning then go back in the afternoon for the pictures.The letter says that each picture takes 5-7 mins and the whole process about an hour.How am I going to get him to stay still.
He hates strange enviroments and loud noises.
The letter says to bring a book or tape to encourage him to lay still I don't think thats going to work somehow.

5goldendillydallys Fri 03-Dec-04 12:40:28

Its a day for weird suggestions from me but a shadow show where you make the shapes with your hands (butterfly, dog etc) and tell accompanying story (if it is a dark room?)

SenoraPostrophe Fri 03-Dec-04 12:42:07

I had this problem with dd - she had to have some CAT scans when she was 19 months.

I can't help much as they put her under gen anasthetic in the end (why they couldn't just have given her some mild tranqs I don't know).

However given that experience, how about:

- making sure he is quite tired when you go - tired as in worn out.
- arranging some treat afterwards/the next day that you can talk about during the scan - dd almost stayed still when dh talked to her about how she'd be able to go home and see mummy, the cat etc (most upsetting - long story).
- do you have any familiar game involving words? dd has counting (she can't do it, but likes to join in with what she thinks will come next)


SenoraPostrophe Fri 03-Dec-04 12:43:23

PS also can you take him to the hospital beforehand so the environment is not entirely strange? Loud noises wouldn't have been a problem where dd had her scan - don't know about your hosp/bone scans.

5goldendillydallys Fri 03-Dec-04 12:48:45

Message withdrawn

jane313 Fri 03-Dec-04 12:49:50

My 17 months year old had a heart scan recently and his blood pressure taken in 2 places for a research project. They had set up a laptop playing barnie dvds, they had books and toys, blew bubbles and as a last resort the drs fed him chocolate drops and they would have given him lollies too but they had run out! None of this competely worked. Has he got anything that he loves to play with? I gave him my mobile for a while kept him still for a couple of seconds!

meea Fri 03-Dec-04 12:54:35

I don't think he will be encased it says he will have to lay on a bed over and under the camera.So I guess they will move the camera round the bed taking pictures from different angles.Trouble is ds2 can't stay still for 2 seconds never mind 5 minutes.

5goldendillydallys Fri 03-Dec-04 13:00:44

Take a blanket or pillow from home to make the environment feel less strange - if they will let you.
I like bubbles idea and stories and maybe puppets show if he has fave teddy or soldier and then you could point out on teddy where they were taking a picture of next?

Mum2girls Fri 03-Dec-04 13:21:25

Meea - I had a bone scan - don't worry, he won't be encased, and if I remember rightly, it was a low humming noise - certainly not scary. IMO, the staff should be prepared for some wriggling - you can only do your best.

I think the letter is preparing you in case your son needs to wait...the whole process for me took 20 mins top and was a breeze.

As you say, you lie on a couch some stretcher type thing and the scanner head moves up and down the body - my guess is your DS will be mesmerised!!

Good luck.

Mum2girls Fri 03-Dec-04 13:25:22

Sorry - just re-read and hadn't realised your son has SN - of course you'll need to prepare him - sorry if my last post sounded dismissive..

Hopefully the staff will be excellent and will help make things easy for your son.

Blu Fri 03-Dec-04 16:59:30

Meea, how old is he? (sorry - have I missed this?)
DS (3.5) is a fountain of energy and impatience, but he is strangely co-operative in hospitals - I think he responds to the atmosphere of seriousness and authority. I usually let the staff deal with him, while I back them up, explaining anything he doesn't quite get, and of course holding his hand, or whatever, but I kind of imply that I too am under the jurisdiction of the hospital staff, and set up an example that we just calmly do what we are asked.
If it's a typical scanner/x ray, there are usually any number of wires and gadgetry that can all be looked at - 'lets lie still and see if we can count/floow the wires all the way round' etc.

Don't worry about it too much in advance, they must deal with hundreds of normally fidgetty kids!

Glad the letter has come - when's the appointment?

meea Fri 03-Dec-04 17:18:34

Sorry didn't say did I he is 2y 7m .
The appointment is the 14th Dec. Dh isn't very happy as he will be working 12 hour night shifts.

joashiningstar Sat 04-Dec-04 01:25:40

meea - grandson had a bone-scan last year. I can't offer you any suggestions re; occupying your DS whilst having the scan but I can give you a little more information about the procedure.

The so-called 'camera' is more like a tube shaped thing that slides over the person having the scan. It is very, very slow - we were lucky. GS was only five months and fell to sleep reasonably quickly. It is not actually very loud and I did find myself wanting to go to sleep in the room. There was one guy operating the machinery and anothet who occupied GS until he went to sleep - I have to say that they were fantastic with the baby.

And it's fascinating seeing your childs skeleton appearing on the screen. If the scan doesn't 'take' on one particular part of the body, they will do that bit again - so if he doesn't lay still, it may take a lot longer than the hour.

I don't want to upset you, but the 'injection' is not nice. It's a special fluid that enables the bones to show up on the scanner. GS's was administered through the back of his hand and he had to have a top-up a little while after. It's also radioactive - it won't hurt your little one, but apparently their wees and poohs are radioactive for a coule of days after and we were told to avoid pregnant women, and other children.

We had the same information re; attend for injection, then back in afternoon for scan. In reality, we were expected to stay and so were actually at the hospital all day. Might be an idea to take some lunch, etc.

It might be an idea to call and see if you will be allowed out between the injection and the scan.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Blu Thu 09-Dec-04 10:19:01

Meea, based on Joash's info - my DS has had several injections using a canula in the back of hand. Even if you have a policy against lollipops, my advice would be that this is the moment to produce one simultaneously with them putting the needle in the back of his hand - which shouldn't hurt once they have got it in.
First of all, make sure they put the cream on his hand first - it numbs it and brings the veins to the surface. Personally, I would sit tight and refuse to let them put the canula in until they have done this! (it's called magic cream on the language of children's wards - don't know it's proper name, and it takes 20 mins to work, I think).

Ds had several scans and lengthy procedures at that age - they do know what kids are like, so don't worry about his 'behaviour'.

Good luck - how are you feeling about it?

meea Thu 09-Dec-04 10:47:31

I don't like the idea of him being injected with anything radioactive but I guess we need to know if his pain is being caused be anything serious.
I am just so tired of trailing from place to place and not getting any answers.
It mentions the magic cream in the letter he was really good about having the canular in when he had his mri so that isn't worring me to much it is just the keeping him still thats stressing me out.

meea Wed 15-Dec-04 11:24:10

Thought i'd update this he was an angel layed perfectly still strapped in a foam wedge thing.
He just layed and watched Bob the builder I was so proud of him.
I am now getting myself in a state about the results.Most of his spine showed up dark green but there looked to be some bits that weren't coloured and there were some yellow patches at the bottom of his spine.No idea if that means anything but guess we will have that hanging over us all christmas.

5goldendillydallys Wed 15-Dec-04 11:25:36

Excellent news, prepare for the worst and the best may happen

Fingers crossed for results and enjoy christmas

Blu Wed 15-Dec-04 12:03:51

Aaaah, what a little star, thanks for the update - I was thinking about you yesterday. Really glad it went well and he wasn't upset.
Hang on in there and try and enjoy Christmas - whatever the results show, you are a big step closer to getting to the bottom of his problem, and more importantly, the right treatment.

coppertop Wed 15-Dec-04 12:16:40

I'm so glad it all went well. Hopefully the results will bring good news too. xxx

DingleAlltheWay Wed 15-Dec-04 15:53:36

Glad it went well meea. I know it's easy to say but enjoy your xmas,it's no good worrying about what the test may or may not show!

JakBFrostNippingatYourtoes Wed 15-Dec-04 17:18:02

meea, so glad it went well. I'm keeping everything crossed for the test results honey

maddiemo Wed 15-Dec-04 17:19:46

meea Glad it went well. Waiting is horrible.

joashiningstar Wed 15-Dec-04 22:38:59

I'm so glad it went well. Waiting is terrible, but hopefully, everything will be okay.

meea Wed 12-Jan-05 13:15:27

Thought i'd update this we got the results yesterday which were fine.Still no answer to the cause of his pain but good news anyway.As his consultant put it we really didn't want them to find anything as they were looking for nasty things.

chonky Wed 12-Jan-05 17:08:21

Really pleased that they didn't find anything, that's great news

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