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Sloping board for writing

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ahundredtimes Tue 29-Jan-08 10:00:35

Where can I get one?

MB suggested using a ring binder folder - and we are to good effect, but dh keeps taking it upstairs as it has the household bills in.

Does anyone know where I can buy the proper sloping board from?

ahundredtimes Tue 29-Jan-08 10:09:36






HairyMaclary Tue 29-Jan-08 10:19:25

I know of a school that uses calligraphy boards for this purpose. I don't know where they get them from and am not currently in a position to ask, sorry, but have you tried googling 'calligraphy boards'? Just a thought.

ahundredtimes Tue 29-Jan-08 10:26:59

Ooh no. Thanks. I'll try that.

I had no idea what they were called, and sloping boards wasn't looking promising.

UniS Tue 29-Jan-08 19:31:05

Depending on size a drawing board may do what you want. try artists supplies shops and reprographics type shopss they are used by architects and graphic designers etc.
Do you know any one with moderate woodwork skills who might be able to put one together for you? granddads? college joinery course student? carpenter/ builder friend?

suedonim Tue 29-Jan-08 20:11:08

Are these any good?

mumeeee Tue 29-Jan-08 20:48:09

The discovery centre sells them. But they are quite expensive. Is it for a school child if it is ask the school to get one.

ahundredtimes Tue 29-Jan-08 23:16:00

Thank you all. Suedonim, those look perfect.

suedonim Wed 30-Jan-08 22:35:18


Cherokee01 Thu 04-Mar-10 19:27:43

You can get them from they are quite expensive but I think worth it if it helps your child at school and home they are �£49.00 but have a carrying handle so portable

Metatron Thu 04-Mar-10 19:52:31

any good? here

glittery Thu 04-Mar-10 21:48:14

this drawing board from ikea might be good and only £7.99!

deepbreath Thu 04-Mar-10 21:55:17

I saw the Ikea one in the shop yesterday, it's very similar in design to the one my ds uses at school. The plastic isn't very thick though.

I bought a "Dave" adjustable height/ tilt laptop table for £16.99 instead.

pinkiepunksmummy Fri 05-Mar-10 00:13:18

I've just bought three (yes three) of these for my children from here they come in lovely bright colours and have non-slip feet, pencil 'shelf' and the bottom part hooks around the table to keep the whole thing secure and stop the paper slipping off. Handwriting has improved, although children have been wearing their new wrist splints too. I've found they also have the added advantage of a 'work area' for each child avoilding the "her book is touching my book" bickering grin!!!!!!

CardyMow Fri 05-Mar-10 02:29:59

Thank you for the info. Was looking for an affordable one for DS2 as school have never provided him with one, despite it having been agreed before he even started reception. He's in Y1 now. Ta muchly. smile

Scotsky Thu 24-May-12 13:57:12

I have used posturite sloping boards for pupils within the ASL sector. They are made from acrylic and are indestructable while providing the correct angle of support. Varied colours which can also help and a place for a pencil etc. Costs vary but around £30 and very durable. Alternatively I have used Ikea laptop boards at around £3 for placing text books and workbooks on for reading. I think I have bought the Glasgow store out, but they now come in a lovely green which suits some users. they are light, cheap and do the job for a reading slope adn for smaller pupils to write on.

madwomanintheattic Thu 24-May-12 14:06:43

Special direct.

Or ask your OT, who should be ale to order one for you via the PCT account, and you can pay them.

mariasalome Thu 24-May-12 17:26:26

Oooh. Need to get to ikea pronto!

Minimoan Fri 25-May-12 00:08:38

Our OT provides these - great as they don't slip around table:


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