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3 wheeled scooters for older children?

(18 Posts)
anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 20:24:47

anyone know were I could get one

DD is 6 and is trying so hard at having a go on her barbie scooter, but she is beginning to have to bend over as she is too tall for it

next ones up are all 2 wheels which she couldnt do

any idea's?


twocutedarlings Wed 02-Jan-08 20:38:50

What about one of these Annie, says its suitable from age 5 so it should be bigger that the 3 wheel ones

http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?storeId=10001&catalogId=1500000701&l angId=-1&searchTerms=Switchboard&x=686&y=61

sorry i dont know how to do links blush

anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 20:41:32

Im no good with links either!!!

that looks good, thanks. I just wonder if then after so long the handle comes as its expected the child to skateboard, so the handle would then still be to short for my DD (does that make sense?!!)

thanks smile

anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 20:42:39

at one point we were looking at a SN bike for her, I wondered if anyone did one for a disabled child?

Its so hard as your kids get bigger and they are expected to move on to harder things sad

coppertop Wed 02-Jan-08 20:51:26

[http://www.wisewheels.co.uk/products.htm These people have some SN trikes further down the page]] Is that the kind of thig you are after?

coppertop Wed 02-Jan-08 20:52:02

These people have some SN trikes further down the page Is that the kind of thig you are after?

2nd time lucky?

anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 20:56:50

thanks CT

we have looked at the bikes before , got a quote of over £1000!!! we were going to apply to the Meningitis Trust for a grant for it, but have held off for now and got her a 'proper' bike for Christmas

and will give her a while to see if she can learn to pedal!!! (has stabilzers)

My back is killing me though lol

I really wanted for a her a 3 wheeled scooter , but hers is getting a little small as its from age 3 (shes 6)

coppertop Wed 02-Jan-08 20:59:22

£1000? shock Ouch!

anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 21:04:25

we stood a good chance of a getting a grant, but we thought we would give this one a go first

I must be giving the neighbours such a laugh!

I have to pull her then with the other hand bed to keep pushing her foot/pedal round and round!!!

they must just see me going past their window then disapearing down again lol

twocutedarlings Wed 02-Jan-08 21:14:28

This one looks quite good, pricey though shock


twocutedarlings Wed 02-Jan-08 21:17:26

and this one, might be a bit big though, but its a bit cheaper.


anniebear Wed 02-Jan-08 21:32:09

brilliant thanks

the red one looks good

nuttynoel Thu 03-Jan-08 14:04:07

Anniebear, if the 'proper' bike doesn't work out or your back gives up (I've been there!) please see my post today on special needs trikes.
D'you know, I'd totally forgotten I had this trike down in the shed, and am a bit embarrassed that I've held onto it.

anniebear Thu 03-Jan-08 17:01:37

will do, thanks

she managed to actually move forward today !! grin

is only her 3rd try, so hopefully she will 'get it' eventually

when she does pedal we then have the problem of her lack of steering and braking to contend with lol lol grin

smkemp Thu 29-Sep-16 00:08:14

The maxi micro scooter is great for older kids it has two wheels at the front for max stability www.toyrider.com/the-best-of-kick-scooters/are-maxi-micro-scooters-worth-their-expensive-price-tag

mary21 Thu 29-Sep-16 17:20:49

We managed to borrow a big trike from our local SN toy library if you have one. Sadly ours closed down.

tiredgranny Fri 30-Sep-16 21:55:00

Micro scooter my grandson had one he 8 and cannot manage a 2 wheeler they are about 150£

blaeberry Fri 30-Sep-16 22:13:21

This thread is 8 years old, I suspect the dd will have grown out of even maxi micro scooters now.

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