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Omega 3 and hyper behaviour

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mummy2aaron Mon 03-Dec-07 07:11:24

Ds2 is now on his 3rd brand of Omega 3, I read on here that Eye-Q can make a child more hyper and it did, so I tried Efalex which he found disgusting and he didnt really improve. I am now using Nordic Naturals and again he is bouncing off the walls. Not sure whether to stop it.

yurt1 Mon 03-Dec-07 08:48:33

What type are you using? (fish oils??) You could try cutting all omega 6's completely (fish oils will contain omega 6) and get something that sells itself as just omega 3. It's the 6's that cause the hyperactivity. Nordic naturals is a very good brand (my favourite) but sometimes flavour their oils which could be a no-no for some.

mummy2aaron Mon 03-Dec-07 09:14:01

Ah right i didn't know that do you get a NN omega 6 free then. Mine is the DHA Junior for children 3 and up, strawberry flavour.

Blossomhill Mon 03-Dec-07 10:50:31

I had this with my dd. She is on eskimo oil now and I haven't had any adverse effects. Like you we tried everything and she was climbing the walls before we found this.

Peachy Mon 03-Dec-07 10:54:59

have heard of this as well, BIBIC recommended the eskimo oil Blu sues as a way of reducing the hyper risk. We sue flax seed oil (as DS1 just won't have fish oil) and thats also not caused any rpoblems for us.

aquariusmum Mon 03-Dec-07 12:08:02

I read an article about a fish oil called VegEPA which has been devised at Cambridge university, working on the theory that EPA works better when NOT combined with DHA. It is only available on phone or internet but I think it may have helped my boy, and you can prick the capsules and put it in juice (which he drinks, poor thing thinks all juice tastes a bit fishy now but doesn't seem to mind!). They did tests on it with NF but badly behaved kids and found it calmed them down, and I think I have notice a difference in my boy's hyperness.

Kaz33 Mon 03-Dec-07 14:23:19

Another one on Eskimo fish oil here, it comes in a bubble gum type flavour which is quite yummy and my two gobble it down grin

Free delivery

mummy2aaron Mon 03-Dec-07 15:40:06

Brilliant thanks, i will switch then, the one i have can still be used on my other two as they are unaffected.

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