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cuju2407 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:53:49


I have just recently cut my hours from work so that I can claim carers allowance and be home more to take care of our little boy who is aged 2. He goes to nursery 2 days a week and we use the government childcare tax free account to get 20% off nursery fees. I've just had the email for my 3 month update and it now says we are no longer entitled to the tax free element as I earn too little now. I find this so unfair. My little boy does not get funded nursery hours for his dla award because we live in Scotland. My husband earns just above the benefits threshold so we aren't entitled to universal credit. I honestly don't think we can afford to keep him in nursery now. Does anyone have any advice or help for some kind of help we may be missing?

Thank you

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Missingthesun Wed 21-Apr-21 10:31:07

Do you actually claim CA now? If so, have you told them this?

If you are entitled to CA then you are entitled to TFCC the same as a working parent. Call & ask them..

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