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Myleftfoot39 Sun 18-Apr-21 23:41:35

My 7 year old Dd is doing well at school but over the past few months some of her behaviour has made me wonder if she maybe has traits of autism.

She has always been very particular about things, quite OCD about some things. Recently she has developed what seems like a throat clearing tic and a low pitched noise when she is reading or watching television. She will repeat ‘mummy love’ over and over again sometimes too if we are off together.

Just wondering what your thoughts are.

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diamondpony80 Thu 22-Apr-21 23:20:10

My DD (nearly 7) has autism and does some strange vocal stimming and repeats words. She has a myriad of other symptoms too though (and we got a diagnosis by the time she was 5) so I wouldn't automatically suspect autism. Have you spoken to her teacher? If she also noticed some issues it might be worth talking to your GP.

Solfege Fri 23-Apr-21 10:48:26

I think it sounds like exactly what you've said it is - tics.
I've recently learnt (because my own 6yr old DS has developed tics) that OCD (which I have) and tic disorders are genetically linked.
From what I can gather (I've no medical training mind!), stereotopies (seen often in autism?) are different from tics.

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