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Skymum82 Tue 13-Apr-21 19:47:27

So my daughter with asd and only 5 is having her tonsils and adnoids out. Her operation time is 1pm!
She has been under a dietrictian for 3 years due to obsessive drinking and very restricted/rigid diet. (Crisp lover).
How am I going to stop her eating and drinking. She literally gets really upset if she has to wait a minute for a drink and will go crazy.
I called today and apparently the play specialist we see will have all the answers and will sort it out and there is no way my daughter will be upset!! Funny that as we have seen a play specialist in the past for her eating who was totally useless. Felt cross. This women we are seeing can clearly cure Autism to and my daughters rigid ideas!!! Honestly I was like really! She was dead certain that this person we see a week before will have all The answers.

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spikeyfish Tue 13-Apr-21 20:20:30

It's frustrating when people don't listen to you and think they know better! Have you spoken to the consultants receptionist and explained the situation? Pals might be able to help you, they can be helpful to liaise with them for you. Ds is exactly the same and we've always been first on the list for this very reason.

Skymum82 Tue 13-Apr-21 20:39:42

Thank you. I have not part of me thinks it's me. Part of making the decision harder is I have decided to keep all the kids home this week. They all actually have Autism. Sunday me and my daughter need a Covid test and the whole family need to self isolate until Wednesday!
So instead of sending the kids back a week (after have 2 weeks of for Easter) decided to make the holiday a bit longer as they all struggle with the changes of back and fourth!
We have the Pre op on Friday and once they know they may want to move it and they would of had a week of for no reason!
I spoke to the consultant (before I knew the time about my worries). As I didn't even think about the time I assumed because of her age and diagnosis they would of just automatically given her a wary morning one! My worry at the time was her very low pain thresh hold (she can scream for hours over a broken nail 🤦🏼‍♀️, she is ver sensitive), also her eating ever again as she didn't eat until 2 and small things put her off food. So he put on her notes may need to stay in a night due to this (then they give us a late apt). I'm a bit stressed. I'm so worried about the whole thing.
I think I'm going to ask to go in hospital earlier and let her play in waiting room, as being somewhere else she may see differently (hospital don't have juice! Or they don't have crisps). Etc.
Also feel totally selfish even adding this point, if we do stay, how I will eat, as I can't eat in front of her. I'm will also be 18 weeks pregnant and worried not eating for a whole day I may collapse some where 🤦🏼‍♀️. Feel stressed about it all.

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