Year 1 DD, disordered speech, writing difficulties

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TangerineGreen Sun 28-Mar-21 21:00:43

DC (just turned 6) has always had speech difficulties, had S&L therapy for the last 6 months and it’s slowly getting better... but her writing doesn’t seem to be improving.
She struggles to form any written sentences, there will be some parts of words often written in the wrong order. She’s unable to read back her writing. Her letters are often back to front. D and b’s confused. But her vocab is excellent and she’s engaged with her friends and other areas of school. I’m wondering if she might be dyslexic but I think it would be too early to test her? I just want to support her as much as I can. When I try to encourage her to write or read together she will try everything to get out of it, declares she hates it. Does anyone have a DC with disordered speech? Did it impact their writing? I’ve tried magnet words to form sentences... word games for spelling but she’s just not interested and won’t engage. Any advice would be great, thanks.

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Hankunamatata Sun 28-Mar-21 23:42:59

I'd start small. Sentences may be a stretch for now. Check out word hornet book You can get copy from amazon and work though it at home, just 10 mins a day.

For practising writing - mine like whiteboards, blackboards, LCD writing board (you can buy cheap online), even chalk on the pavement. Or using finger in sand.

Iv one diagnosed with dyslexia but he has a severely disordered sound d system. His younger brothers 7 but waiting until 8 to look at diagnosis of dyslexia.

Nessy online is quite good too

Hankunamatata Sun 28-Mar-21 23:46:43

My kids love pocket phonics app too

Mumofsend Mon 29-Mar-21 16:59:48

Mine is year 1 with a speech disorder too and and can't grasp phonics at all, school are convinced she's dyslexic but too young to assess. Apparantly speech sound issues and dyslexia go hand in hand. Schools rarely assess for dyslexia though so it might be worth going independently

MrsDuBeke Sun 11-Apr-21 09:09:27

Recommend whiteboards and chalking for help with writing. Has she got any motor skills issues? My DS with asc has and this has impacted his writing a lot, OT also thinks he's hypermobile so the writing is even harder for him. He is 6 later this year and still at the stage of writing his name and a few other single words. Playdo also helps to develop strength in the fingers.

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