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Derbyshirelady Sat 06-Mar-21 20:43:10

My little chap (5yo) has ASD and global delay and size 7 pampers pull ups are not cutting it overnight. Do I need to go to the continence clinic to get something bigger or can I buy them? Have seen size 8 pampers but they’re not pull ups - not the end of the world, he’s just getting big and if he’s not in the mood for a nappy change it can all get pretty full on. He can just about get pull ups on and off. Also trying to get him to be be more independent with some things.

Any info appreciated

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ShoesOnFirstThenCar Sun 07-Mar-21 20:41:55

DD is 13 but very skinny and we have Libero Pull Ups for her in Size9.
She has ASD and severe learning difficulties but somehow her old school got her toilet trained during the day so these are just for night time. These are marketed as for the night as well. (There’s a picture of a sleeping child on the packet smile )
I buy them online from Incontinence Choice, but if you search Libero Pull Ups you might see other options and retailers.

Derbyshirelady Mon 08-Mar-21 19:17:27

Oh that’s great - will look them up thank you! Glad to hear you’ve had some success.

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Friolero Tue 09-Mar-21 21:56:57

Is it for daytime or just overnight? If daytime then you should speak to the continence nurse and get nappies / pull-ups provided.

My son uses Tena Junior in the day (these are a nappy, not pull-up) which we get provided then we buy the drynites pjyama pants for night time as find they work better overnight.

Derbyshirelady Sat 13-Mar-21 14:25:19

Thanks guys - used the Libero pull up last night, no leaking. Got the size 9 was worried would be too big as he’s v tall and slim. And very unruly!
Friolero he needs nappies day and night so I’ll contact continence clinic.
If you sit him on a loo he will wee, but he doesn’t seem to know when he wants to go.

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fabnotflab Sat 13-Mar-21 16:42:19

Dry nights do a pull up for age 8-15 really recommend for day time use too.

ShoesOnFirstThenCar Wed 24-Mar-21 14:10:50

I’ve been a bit slow catching up here sorry but great to hear the Libero worked well. They’ve always been the best fit for DD who sounds a similar shape to your DS...tall and skinny grin

KisstheTeapot14 Mon 05-Apr-21 15:19:04

Aldi also do decent pullups in bigger sizes.

Another vote for drynites, which go up to teen sizes. Not perfect but pretty good at containing most of the wee at night.

We try for a last wee before bedtime - get him to try either

blowing - like a silent whistle


tickling just above his bottom (sacral dimple at base of spine)

Both suggested by continence team nurses to help fully empty the bladder (blowing relaxes pelvic floor, tickling stimulates the nerves at base of spine).

The things you learn when you have a child with continence issues!

PickAChew Mon 05-Apr-21 15:25:51

The libero pull ups are great. My 24 year old used them until he outgrew them, last summer. He refused to move to adult pull ups, though, saying they were for grandma and grandad, so opted to toilet train, instead.

He's done surprisingly well, though we've got some carpets to replace as soon as shops open again!

PickAChew Mon 05-Apr-21 15:26:23

14, not 24

PickAChew Mon 05-Apr-21 15:27:42

And, yes, dry nites are much cheaper than the libero. Just a bit smaller.

Cobb121 Sun 11-Apr-21 22:37:29

The Asda size 6 little angels nappies are a much better fit than pampers and hold more

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