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ClocksGoBack Mon 26-Apr-21 20:33:06

Weighted blanket, they are wonderful.

Anything related to special interests seems to be very therapeutic.

I'm sorry you've both had such a hard time, that sounds very full on.

If you thought having counselling yourself would help you support your daughter better , I would judge that to be a very appropriate use of the DLA, because as her primary Carer, anything which better equips you to support her day to day will be directly beneficial to her thanks

BoobsOnTheMoon Mon 26-Apr-21 14:13:04

I second the suggestion for Equine Therapy! My 10 yr old has been going for 6 months and it's been incredible for him.

BatleyTownswomensGuild Mon 26-Apr-21 14:11:13

Things that will help you DC manage sensory imput/ anxiety perhaps? For my DS that was a trampoline, weighted blanket etc but obviously your DD may be different.

orinocosfavoritecake Mon 12-Apr-21 22:13:29

Headspace app?

Niffler75 Mon 12-Apr-21 21:38:11

If your daughter likes animals, have you thought of Equine Therapy with horses? There is a really good evidence base for this!

BatleyTownswomensGuild Sun 11-Apr-21 22:41:57

My DS is 7 our DLA has mostly been used for private therapy (SALT and OT.)

We've also used it for a large trampoline and various other bits of sensory equipment eg: compression vests, rocking balance board, weighted blanket, tablet with lots of educational games on it etc.

Anotherusername2021 Thu 04-Mar-21 19:26:02

Thanks 😊 some good ideas. I had thought about a pet and a holiday (desperately need one!) will look Into them more.

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Shoeoholic Thu 04-Mar-21 13:22:20

Sorry it sounds so difficult for you both at the moment.

I don’t know if it is possible for you but I brought my daughter (9) a pet (gerbils) which covered the cage, toys, food etc. She loves them and they seem to really calm her down and she is trying to take responsibility for looking after them.

I’m looking into Art Therapy- the company I spoke to said they are still able to do face to face as they are tested regularly.

I’m planning on doing up my daughters room in the summer to make it calm and relaxing with wall stickers and sensory lights etc.

Would your daughter enjoy a holiday to the seaside or somewhere else? If so could you save some of the money to go somewhere in the summer when COVID Restrictions lift - this could give you both something to look forward too.

danni0509 Thu 04-Mar-21 11:06:24

I hope your dd is ok flowers and if you receive any other benefits, such as tax credits or universal credit let them know your dd is now on high rate as you will get the severe disability premium added to whichever claim x

danni0509 Thu 04-Mar-21 11:05:26

Mines only 7 so not really sure what a 14 year old with additional needs is into.

But for us over the years we have used the dla for all sorts.

new trampoline
Speech therapy when younger
Day trips / weekends away
Buying all his additional foods he eats (costs me a fortune as he only has branded things and they aren’t cheap)

Whatever his new obsession is, which for a while has been cats so he got cat bedding for his bed, cat toys etc.

Paddling pool

Sensory toys, sensory tent, etc

Football goals for the garden.

More petrol for the car when I’m driving him around in circles to kill time when he’s having a really bad day.

We’ve had months when I haven’t been able to afford anything at all and his dla has had to go towards the bills (which still benefits him as it’s keeping him fed clothed and a roof over his head so I don’t feel too bad if he can’t have anything that month)

So useful to have x

Anotherusername2021 Thu 04-Mar-21 09:15:59

Hi I am having a bit of a nightmare with my 14year old DD. Overdose, self harming, school issues.

I've been lucky that DLA was due for renewal and it's been increased to high rate. Unbelievable as it normally gets refused every two years when I have to reapply. She had other health issues and had major surgery last year.

I have booked a counsellor that she went to the first session yesterday that went well.

I really need some more ideas of what I can spend the money on. So difficult with everything closed at the moment and she is not into craft anymore.

Any suggestions please as I really want to use the money to help her but struggling with ideas.

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