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lydia2021 Fri 22-Jan-21 18:48:06

If a stepmother throws two under 8s out into the cold and dark. And then throws their tea out onto the ground next to them. One child is disabled. She has been reported to ss by the real mother. Why has ss left her in the house with them. They were rescued by their grandmother. I feel it is cruelty,abuse, and neglect. I would welcome other mothers thoughts on this evil person. She may do worse next time.

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danni0509 Fri 22-Jan-21 18:51:19

Are you the real mother?

Do they live with her?

Does she have any support?

lydia2021 Fri 22-Jan-21 19:01:30

No I am not the real mother, kids go back and forth between 2 parents. Male parent lives with S M. Male parent has long term illnesses. SM has a baby, and calls it BELLEND, whatever that means. Kids are supported, well, by relatives. This SM is clearly suffering some sort of mental illness. We are not cutting her some slack. The disabled child could have picked up the oven pan and burnt her hands. Both kids were very distressed, thrown out onto busy street, cars going by, evening time, so very dark and cold outside.

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Princessbanana Sat 23-Jan-21 02:01:37

Wow, this is not ok. I would raise it again with social services, especially as she has a young baby. Also the children’s father is not innocent in this either! What does he say?

lydia2021 Sat 23-Jan-21 04:26:52

The father seems to say she did not mean it and she must have some sort of hold over him. I think hes nervous of her. Gran got them tonight and last night.. I am worried about all the kids. Shes unstable

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Niffler75 Sat 23-Jan-21 13:12:19

@lydia2021 This really doesn't sound ok. Trust your gut and speak up. Do you have the number for your local LA safeguarding team. The info should be on your LA website.

Hazelnutlatteplease Sat 23-Jan-21 13:16:56

Ss can he notoriously difficult to mobilise. There standard response is often to pus it back onto the other parent, so "(other parent" is able and motivated to safeguard DC. Any further action/ disagreement is a matter for family court".

WINKINGatyourage Sat 23-Jan-21 13:19:15

The children should not be back in that home. The father is failing to safeguard them.

lydia2021 Sat 23-Jan-21 14:05:15

Winking. You are so right. I was not there when this happened. Ss are coming in as kids are back with real mother tomoz. The granny is marvellous and is working with ss and the real mother about this. The father is simmering, and has had words with SM, about her behaviour. I think hes also worried about his sons safety. If she leaves and takes son, who is going to protect the lad. SM is no match for Shirley , the granny, not her real name.. I will keep you all informed of progress removing her. Granny is being proactive this week while kids not living in the house. Truly, I am shocked there are women like this who can harm children. And the lasting damage it can cause.

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Niffler75 Sat 23-Jan-21 15:03:06

@lydia2021 Thanks for the update! Hope those kiddos are ok!

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