Autism and Periods

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LittleDragonsMum Mon 16-Nov-20 15:26:34

Hello. I'm new here but I was recommended to ask you all for advice! My daughter is Autistic and is almost 10. Sadly, puberty is on its way early for my poor girl and I want to be prepared for her. I'm going to get her period pants, not pads, as she won't cope well at all. There are so many out there though. Can anyone recommend a great pair of period pants to try please? Thank you 😊

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PropertyHelp Mon 16-Nov-20 21:39:26

My DD uses Wuka, we tried mobidi but they didn’t fit her well. She loves them, and can go through a full day or night on one pair. (Medium flow) I do wash them regularly (as in, every day for one night one day pair and dry them in the airing cupboard) but you still need several pairs (think we have 5 pairs).
Most companies do a try and return (as in you can return one washed used pair).
They’re awesome and I wish we’d had them!

PropertyHelp Mon 16-Nov-20 21:40:29

LittleDragonsMum Mon 16-Nov-20 22:38:39

Thank you for your reply and the link. I love the starter pack! Will definitely grab one to have a look at. Really appreciate your help x

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LightTripper Tue 17-Nov-20 10:03:55

It might also be worth trying out Robyn Steward's book. She is autistic too: my DD is a bit younger, so haven't read it yet but it looks really useful based on the index (and Robyn's podcast, 1800 seconds on autism, is super-good - she's a good communicator).

LittleDragonsMum Tue 17-Nov-20 17:53:51

Thank you. This book is included in the trial pack from the link above, which I've ordered, so I'll read through it and let you know 😊👍

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ElfDragon Thu 19-Nov-20 11:13:14

My dd uses Thinx (she is a bit older, at 16, and when I first wanted to get her some, there wasn’t as much availability/as many brands!). They were expensive, as had to ship over from America, but having said that, 4 years in they are still going strong! She wears a pair for half a day (changes after lunch - she’s at a small SN school, and so is easily able to accommodate this), and one pair lasts well overnight.

I also have some Cheeky Wipes ones (I initially trialled using period pants as didn’t want to give anything to dd that I didn’t know worked, and have carried on using them as was so much more comfortable and convenient), and they work fine (I have extremely heavy periods. I also change at around lunchtime (but I can, as an at home - if not possible then I use reusable pads as well - also much more comfortable than disposable pads!), but again one pair is fine all night. Cheeky Wipes are so much cheaper.

LightTripper Thu 19-Nov-20 22:50:02

I think it's a different book (looks like a more general guide to puberty rather than a specifically autism/periods one?) but does look good too!

cansu Sat 28-Nov-20 20:49:11

Just wanted to say it might not be as bad as you think. I was very worried about dd and although the first time she was very upset, she has adapted very well even though she is not fully verbal and has little understanding She uses the always nightime pads and is managing very well.

LittleDragonsMum Sat 28-Nov-20 22:27:33

Cansu, thank you! I know it'll find a way of working itself out but it's just another struggle for her and it's such a shame. I appreciate you reminding me how awesome our girls are 😊💪

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