Possible Asperger !!

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Peace92 Thu 08-Oct-20 21:06:54

@Blossom4538 Thanks for your reply. I spoke to her doctor today they said they will refer her but it might bounce back as they may need additional information from a school nurse 🤔 to back up what I'm saying.The school dont seem to have any concerns so if they do need more information how do I get it ? I just feel like they dont see what she is like at home so it doesnt really seem fair 🙄

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Blossom4538 Wed 07-Oct-20 21:30:21

Perhaps ADHD traits? The Paed/CAMHS etc should look into all of this for you.

Blossom4538 Wed 07-Oct-20 21:29:08

Did the Dr refer you to the local Paed for further investigation. It may be nothing - I would say though that what you say sounds very similar to my Daughter - now age 9. Saw differences, quirkinesses, sensory behaviour with clothing, noises etc from around 18 months. She is Autistic (originally identified as Aspergers trails or poss PDA)
Asperger is part of the Autism Spectrum.
Worth exploring further, but I think sensory issues can occur as SPD. It is a combination of factors which would point more towards

Peace92 Tue 06-Oct-20 22:59:23

Hi.I have been having some issues with my 5 yo daughter since she was around 1/2 she wouldnt wear certain clothes was/still is very fussy about her socks it's a battle to get her dressed some mornings.She also is always jumping off furniture and is very clingy she also hates loud noises and talks very loud. I spoke to her doctor today to suggest possible anxiety but they said it could possibly be Aspergers and i was advised to talk to the school...which I did but they were not very helpful and just said that they dont have any concerns but she can be very quiet but then equally loud at times 🤷‍♀️ so I'm at a loss and have no clue what to do next.Any help would be much appreciated TIA

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