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Free copy of 'Show me what my friends can see'

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chonky Sun 07-Oct-07 20:15:34

I'm having a clear out and was wondering whether anyone wanted a copy of this book? It's written by the neurodevelopmental paeditricians at GOSH for the parents of babies and small children with visual impairments. Give me a CAT if interested.

chonky Sun 07-Oct-07 22:04:20


crimplene Mon 08-Oct-07 12:17:47

It's a good book isn't it? - I borrowed a copy, but it's less relevant to DS's type of VI. If nobody here is interested I'm sure there are several people who would really appreciate it on the PVIC group

chonky Tue 09-Oct-07 19:54:39

Thanks crimplene - will try the group...

susannahs29 Sun 18-Oct-15 14:59:10

I would really like this book. I teach children with Visual Impairments and it is a really useful book for parents. If you still have it I will pay for postage.
Many thanks,

susannahs29 Sun 18-Oct-15 15:00:26

Hi, I would really like this book. If you still have it? many thanks,

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