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Oh No...Gutted :- (

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dustystar Fri 05-Oct-07 09:33:29

Ds lovely 1:1 TA has just told me she is leavingsad She lost her Mum over the summer and its really hit her hard and she feels she needs to take some time off. She was in bits telling me and we had a big hug after but I am so gutted. She is a fab TA and DS has had her sonce he started in reception. He loves her to bits and i just know he is going to be devestated when he finds outsadsadsad

I don't blame her at all and i know she hasn't made this decision lightly. She said that she felt she had been letting ds down by not giving as much as she would like to and I was so sad to think that she felt he had been affected by what was going on for her as I don't think he has at all.

I feel like crying which is ridiculus as he was going to have to get used to losing her anyway at the end of this school year but stll sad

needmorecoffee Fri 05-Oct-07 10:18:45

awww, I'm sorry.

anniebear Fri 05-Oct-07 14:23:33

Oh thats awful for you

I know exactly how you feel.....and not ridiculas at all.....I did cry!!

My DD's went on maternity leave for 6 months but was coming back, so I could cope with that, but then SN school decided not to send her with DD to her mainstream sessions but to have her work at the SN school more (then advertise for some one else as they had no one to go with DD hmm

I was so gutted and so was she

But.....on a positive note, we got an equally brilliant one smile she is so enthusastic, loves her job, loves DD so it all worked out ok

Hope you manage to have another lovelt TA for your DS

dustystar Fri 05-Oct-07 16:54:14

Thanks for the kind messagessmile

I went to see a friend for tea and a chat and she cheered me up (although i got no revision doen AGAIN!)

There is a positive to this in that ds was going to have to get used to losing both his TA's at the same time come july when he leaves for middle school. At least this way it doesn't happen all at once but its still sadsad

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