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high functioning autism

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missh Thu 04-Oct-07 21:51:34

my dd 3 is showing autistic traits,hand flapping,sensetivity to sound,no toileting and screaming fits,hand flapping,does any1 else child do??

deeeja Thu 04-Oct-07 23:00:34

Have a look here:
(sorry, no good at inks, so yuo will have to copy and paste it.
There is a m-chat test,that you might find helpfull.
Also look at the NAS website.
My ds hand-flaps alot, and spins round and round, and stims with his eyes aswell. So does my friends ds, who has a chromosomal disorder. Alot of children do these things and they could be a sign of something. Alotof children are not toilet-trained by 3, my nt ds of 3 wasn't toilet trained till 3 and a half, but he is stubborn!Tantrums can be fairly normal swell, and are not necassarily a sign of anything.
Is she having trouble communicating? She may be frustrated, hence the screaming fits. The screaming may be a response to her sencitivity to sound.
You shuld get a referral from your gp to a devlopmental paediatrician, but be prepared for a waiting list! I waited for 7 months, and I have found out that I got an appointment very quickly!
Sorry if I wasn't very helpful.

missh Fri 05-Oct-07 09:23:24

thanx deeja she has been seen by a paediatrican and they have benn great she also has a pre school support worker every wk.there looking to do slice test b4 crimbo just worried what futre holds if she is dx

Kaz33 Fri 05-Oct-07 11:19:07

My now 4 year old - when he was three, was very sensitive sound/smell, had total screaming paddies and we seemed to spend most of our time treading on eggshells around him. He also found toilet training difficult.

All of those tendencies still exist but he is growing up and better able to deal with his obviously intense emotions.

It might be nothing, certainly I wasn't worried about him in the way I was with DS1.

It is early days, but as I discovered mum knows best - so keep an eye on him.

missh Fri 05-Oct-07 11:49:58

thanx i will

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