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jan9876 Sat 22-Aug-20 08:26:19

How do you cope? I am really struggling. School starts in 2 weeks for us. I coped not too bad at the beginning of lockdown, we had some bad days and it was hard but we had a really good routine. Dc have just come back from a few weeks with their dad and I'm back to square 1. Bouncing off the walls. I can't work from home, I can barely send a text or an email without getting interrupted. I am not working at the minute and it has been my goal to get a job that works round my dc but it is impossible. I have my own health issues and am exhausted myself when they go to sleep - I am falling asleep. Even with my parents helping at times it is still really really hard. School have said we need a plan B incase there is another lockdown. I don't have a plan B. I am just interested in how other parents of kids with adhd are coping? My dc is 8, and takes medication which does work but is on a small dose because any higher it affects mood. It has been raining non stop here and that hasn't helped because getting out to burn energy off really helps.

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