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Book I read

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needmorecoffee Sat 29-Sep-07 17:40:18

Just finished reading a book called 'Accidents of Nature'. Its set in the US in the early 70's at one of those summer camps. This camp is for children with disabilities and is told from the point of view of Jean, a 17 yo girl with CP. Jean's never met other diabled people and has always tried to be 'normal'
Some makes you angry - how the able bodied camp helpers do to the campers and override their feelings. Some makes you sad - Jean's fanatsy, likeother 17 yo's involves going to a restaurant with a handsome man, ebing whined and dined etc. As she comes to terms with the fact that she isn't 'normal' she realises her fantasy would have to include him wheeling her in, feeding her, wiping her chin etc etc (made me feel for dd who is more severely affected than Jean) and some makes you laugh - her cabin put on a skit in front of all the fund raisers that makes points about being done good to yet not being allowd opinions. Basically, being there to be tragic.
Good book. Written by a woman with disabilities.

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