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Lesat Wed 08-Jul-20 21:54:06

Going to be having our first Access to service appointment over the phone, after 5 or 6 rejections, over the last 2 years, via self referral, GP referral, school referral and Paediatrician referral. Just wondering if anyone has had a good outcome from being involved with Camhs as my child really needs help and needed it a long time ago. Early help and Paediatrician said there is nothing they can do for us as we seem to have done what they would recommend.

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Niffler75 Thu 09-Jul-20 16:26:43

@lesat Hi, my understanding from my own and other parents experience is that the quality of CAMHS services is really a postcode lottery depending on where you live.
Do you feel comfortable giving any more info about what's happening so we can offer suggestions? 😊

10brokengreenbottles Thu 09-Jul-20 16:41:37

I agree with Niffler, it depends on where you live. Also, unfortunately, children whose parents understand the system and are able to fight for support receive better care.

DS1 has a brilliant CAMHS team. It wasn't to begin with but he was referred on. On the other hand CAMHS support for DS3 with ASD is none existent.

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