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Realityofsen Fri 03-Jul-20 18:26:57


My children have just been placed on child in need plans due to 5 year old DDs additional needs. She doesn't have a diagnosis but she obviously has very complex needs and won't be allocated a disability social worker. She is in the middle of an EhCp assessment and is 1 to 1 at school.

What can I expect? Ideally the main 2 three things I would like

1) some sort of provision for holidays as she is really difficult. School is adequate breather time for me in term time but I'm not sure how we will get through holidays. School, I and social care all agree she can't attend mainstream holiday club provision

2) some support getting out of the health care system deadlock. She is complex and each service keeps passing the buck. I can't keep going round in circles and getting nowhere. Once we know what we are dealing with then we might stand a better chance of dealing with her.

I'm partially hopeful of some proper support but I'm also terrified I'm going to be wrecked as a parent and be blamed. What sort of support can I ask for?

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BackforGood Fri 03-Jul-20 21:06:39

Both your points are valid things to ask for.

The issue is, there is different provision or lack of it , not only in different parts of the Country, but, even, where I work, in different parts of the City, so being more specific might not necessarily be more helpful. It is absolutely valid to say "I obviously don't work in this area, but this is what I need" and the Team Around the Child is there to bring to the table their knowledge of what is available to meet those needs.

10brokengreenbottles Fri 03-Jul-20 22:18:49

If you google "short breaks" and your LA you may be able to find some of what they provide. You can also get other support such as a PA.

One main thing is after a social care assessment, the provision should be put into place, the LA should not wait for the EHCP to be finalised.

This is Contact's guide.

Pick the HCP that you can talk most freely to, and ask them directly if they will take the lead in coordinating DD's medical care.

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