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Just got back from Brainwave......................

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lourobert Wed 26-Sep-07 20:17:55

........with not one but TWO certificates!! YAY,one for my son as hes sitting independantly and the other for his improved tracking. I thought he'd get one but im very pleased with two!!!! Silly As I know its just a piece of paper but Im sure many of you can understand my extreme happiness and pride....!

Just wanted to share grin

needmorecoffee Wed 26-Sep-07 20:31:35

Thats fantastic. I'm still torn between BIBIC and Brainwave for dd (severe quad CP)
Whats it like at Brainwave?

lourobert Wed 26-Sep-07 20:56:11

Im not sure if the service they both offer differ that much, not sure if one is better tha the other?? Ithe reason we chose Brainwave is beacsue it was cheaper, simple as that.

I really like it there, its very relaxed and chilled and the staff are lovely. we have seen the same physio on each of our 3 visits who has given us that continuity. They discused the program and how it was going for us, what was working and what wast etc, chatted about his development in genral and what improvements we had seen. This was pretty in depth!! they then took a look at ds doing the programme and looked at what to change etc, discussed different ideas Then over lunch they drew up new programme and spent the afternoon teaching us the programme and each exercise indivually. they also film this so you can re-watch it when you get home and give you reading material on each exercise.

they also get us a development report detailing his achievemnts since the last time and ploted these on a graph so we could see the developments compared to where he scored last time and, of course, the certificates!!!!

My ds also had an hour hydro session where they discussed new exercises for the pool etc. On the initial visit you can have a music session too.

Brainwave has worked well for us. The physio comes each time to my sons nursery to teach the staff there the new programme, they have lent us (and the nursery) heaps of equipment....we now actaully need a bigger house.

You pay £30 a night to stay at the accomodation on site which are 2 bedroom bunglaows. there are only 2 other familes there at the same time as you.

Hopefully soemone could share there expericne of BIBIC with you so that you can make the comparison and see what you feel would suit you.

needmorecoffee Thu 27-Sep-07 10:02:39

Staying at these places worries me cos I have other kids. One 12 and one 14. They cabn't be left at home but the 14 yo (aspergers) would create such a fuss about staying somewhere. Yet DH and I would both need to go with dd to see these things.
It does sound very thorough. Makes you wish the NHS was more useful!

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