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We visited a Conductive Education centre and it was fab!

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Jenkeywoo Mon 24-Sep-07 22:18:52

I've been flapping about our visit today to the Rainbow Centre in Fareham as it is an hour each way in the car and DD hates car journies, also hates new situations and has tendency to scream until she is sick! so.. was not really looking forward to it, but it was amazing. The centre is beautiful, huge rooms and all the equipment you could imagine. We were in a little parent and child group with 5 other children. It was all a real eye opener - dd was smiling throughout and I realised that she was not scared as no-one was running around. Normally at toddler groups she flinches and tries to hide as she can't move herself and everyone else is charging around at a rate of knots. I was also very impressed by all of the exercises and the whole 'lifestyle' approach. I'm so bored of the physio focusing on just getting her to walk when there are so many other issues.

The other bit, which did make me teary eyed on a few occasions was the realisation that for the first time I was amongst parents who understand. No-one was staring, no-one looking incredulous that she is 18 months old and not walking. We were all there for the same reasons and it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me.

So we're hoping to go ahead with a full assessment and start going regularly but at the moment we have a few logisitical issues as I can't drive there so need lift from mum and have to try to fit it round other dd's pre-school sessions etc. But I'm really hoping we'll be able to make it work as I know it will make a huge difference to my DD.

Sidge Mon 24-Sep-07 22:21:44

I'm glad it went well smile

Next time you come let me know if you fancy a cuppa - I'm not far from the Centre!

twoisplenty Mon 24-Sep-07 22:50:32

So so pleased it went well. It is a breath of fresh air to be in the company of like-minded people, I always used to feel much better after going to these type of sessions! Hope you can make it a regular thing, but I'm glad you managed to get there.

How did the car journey go?

TotalChaos Mon 24-Sep-07 22:51:27

glad it went well

Jenkeywoo Mon 24-Sep-07 23:19:16

twoisplenty - the car journey went really well, we sang songs and plied her with cheesy biscuits all the way up and she slept all the way home.

mulsey Wed 26-Sep-07 13:37:23

Well done you - all of you. Fingers crossed that this is the start of something wonderfull for you all - it was for us, mulsey

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