My 2yo DS, I need a rant / cry / some advice

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Peaches2018 Sat 20-Jun-20 19:40:34

Hi Everyone,

Since my DS was about 14 months old I noticed he was a bit different. He didn't copy us, had no interest in other children playing with him or near him, started banging his head everywhere, flap his hands so hard while he was happy I thought he might take off of the sofa and a few more things.
I informed the HV on several occasions and always got told until 2 they couldn't do anything for us. A wonderful HV from Portage has helped us out with playing sessions and shared my concerns especially since DS has no words to communicate except for a little bit of babbling. At the moment we are at pointing at pictures in books and making eye contact while I make the sounds & since today I'm being pushed into the kitchen to fill his cup up (a first)

We've had 2 appointments with a SPL therapist and she mentioned the sounds he makes (which I thought was talking with his mouth closed) are actually sounds to comfort himself and how fixated he is on toys with sounds and lights is actually the reward effect (he doesn't like anything that doesn't light up like NYC)
I got 2 toys in today that make a few sounds but he's more challenged to play a bit by himself, reaction of him: He walked straight past it and only chewed on the little dolls delivered with it!! I seriously wanted to cry, very silly perhaps but I thought he might like it.
Our DS has always been very sound an sight orientated and I would like to know if I can do more with him with that, while him being this young.

I heard from our HV that it might take until the end of this year or until next year until we get seen / a diagnosis for our DS. I think if we go private we might get seen earlier because I would love to have our DS into nursery or a SEN nursery and help him a bit better. Also I've been thinking to do ABA at home with him but I don't know if I should.

I have no idea what other options I have and I just feel a bit like a horrible mum who can't help out her little one to understand the world around him or tell the world to please give him some time so he can get used to things a bit. I know it all sounds dramatic but I needed a little vent. Thank you for reading this long post flowers

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AladdinMum Sun 21-Jun-20 01:50:53

If you are worried about autism then a diagnosis is not required for your DS to access extra support at a nursery setting or to apply to SEN nurseries, it's more based on their daily challenges than on a diagnosis. Having an official diagnosis doesn't change much in terms of access to any extra support.

Peaches2018 Sun 21-Jun-20 12:47:33

@AladdinMum Really???? We had no idea about that. Our portage hv told us if we get it established that he has a big speech delay / no understanding of what we try to teach him we could get him into a Sen nursery. We already have that in his file but got told we needed more?!

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