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Mum1405 Thu 04-Jun-20 17:57:23

My ds has just turned 4 and was diagnosed with ASD last year. His behaviour is extremely challenging. Everyday he hits and grabs his sisters hair and won't let go for a minute. For example this happened in garden today so I made him come inside he then kept hitting me. He does not understand other peoples feelings or that he hurts us. It is also very difficult when out walking as he either won't walk (so I have to carry him) or he just wants to run but has no awareness of danger and will just run across the road. Would like some advice as to whether this will always be the case or will things improve as he gets older?

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sickofsocalledexperts Thu 04-Jun-20 19:58:50

My autistic boy was like this at 4, both the refusing to walk and the aggression (plus self injury). We used ABA, and he's no longer challenging like that, plus has also learned so many life skills (like talking) - he's now 17 and twice my size. Please have a look at it, not an easy path for us mums, can involved legal fights, but so worth it for his improved quality of life. Here's a useful website. The NHS (NIHR/HTA arm) recently did a review of it which found evidence it helps particularly with cognitive ability and adaptive behaviour

Mum1405 Thu 04-Jun-20 22:36:20

sickofsocalledexperts thank you I will definitely have a look at this.

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