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Child/ren with Williams Syndrome

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daramum Sun 10-Oct-04 23:19:31

Oops! Forgot to start a new conversation. I'm new to mumsnet and wondered whether there were any mums out there with a child with Williams Syndrome.

lou33 Mon 11-Oct-04 01:23:34

Hello dara and welcome

I don't have any info about Williams Syndrome, sorry, but didn't want you to feel ignored.

Hopefully someone will see this in the morning, but bump it up just in case, by adding a new post to make sure.

lou33 Mon 11-Oct-04 09:07:07


Jimjams Mon 11-Oct-04 09:53:13

My friend (who's dd has a collection of dx, but not overall one iykwim) has suspected in the past that her dd has William's syndrome. I don't think she's ever been tested though (but then services down here are crap and she hasn't even seen a genetic counsellor). She does have kidney abnormalities, and learning difficulties amongst other things....

coppertop Mon 11-Oct-04 09:53:45

No experience of WS but just wanted to say welcome to the SN board.

Davros Mon 11-Oct-04 13:04:35

I've met someone whose got a child with Williams Syndrome, that's a bit closer than everyone else so far! He used to be in the same group as DS at Ruth Jacobs several years ago. I think there is a society or charity, you probably know already. Anyway, welcome.

CleanKittyCat Tue 12-Oct-04 10:22:21

don't know about williams syndrome so I'm bumping this to find out more.

eidsvold Tue 12-Oct-04 12:50:53

my friend does have a 10 yo with williams and is more than happy for you to contact her at

BJmum Tue 12-Oct-04 14:51:12

Have you tried an organisation called 'Contact a Family' at They put families with children with all sorts of syndromes etc in touch with each other.
Hope that helps

gran2 Fri 28-Aug-09 13:55:14

Hi every one, my grand daughter is just beeing tested for williams syndrome, as she has elfie looks and almond eye shape, also she not feeding well, only weighs 13lb 8oz and she is 6 mths,
zoe my daughter is at wits end trying to get her to milk feed, paige likes solids and juice, my daughter is a very young mum, well in my eyes she is just turned 18,
well thanks for reading this had to get it off my chest, sue

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