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Statementing and AS.....Emotional Needs rather than Achedemic.

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MissesF Wed 19-Sep-07 22:59:53

OK...i know this has been discussed before.
Now i know that its not for a teacher to decide if they think a child should be statemented...and i understand i'nm best to apply as i can appeal....but this statementing thing seems so hard to me tio put into words what my sons need- as how do they measure the emotional needs and capabilities of a child and what support they need.

i have my 10 yr old throwing himseld off the climing frame last week in his words to 'kill himself'...further telling me later that he 'even tried rolling off the bark - onto the stones to try and get cut'

then my 13 year old cutting slices out of his school sweatshirt sleeves...because he was not coping in class...and later that night when i was still ranting about sweatshirts costing £14 etc....i tried not to..but DLA only covers so many lost/cut school clothes/school bags....and so far he's got through 1 bag and lost 1 jacket...and cut 1 sweatshirt....and its only his 2nd full week back at school.

and then when i moaned just a bit too much he said
"well, would you rather i cut myself or my jumper?" (in the past he has bitten his upper arms in act of self it worries me that he pokes compasses into his hands,,,,and now this with scissors)

so i am at the point where i want someone to take their needs seriously....but if they just look at achademic stuff...mine are average at least. (tom cannot write...but they keep saying 'but we know he's got it up there'....well i'd like him to have a sense of achievement and be able to record his work- wither on PC or with a scribe keeping an eye so he doesn't cut himself.

coppertop Thu 20-Sep-07 11:36:18

MrsF. I don't know anything about statementing but that's so about your boys.

catrin Thu 20-Sep-07 14:01:16

Oh poor you
The statement asks for advice from all sources and the educational advice is only one part. The decision will take into account the boys' needs and the provision would reflect that, eg they may not get loads of hours support, but it should be specific for their needs, eg someone from an outreach service to work on emotional needs. The targets in a statement also reflect the support a child needs that are not purely academic and they can be amended at annual reviews as necessary.

From reading your post, I am guessing you are about to apply? Write down all these things that concern you, go back as far as necessary, be negative where necessary (eg ds finds it hard to... ds needs lots of support with...)

Hope that makes sense/helps.

Peachy Thu 20-Sep-07 15:10:19

Hiya, much o Sam's statement is focussed ntoa round academic needs but related to hsi behavioural issues, whcich of course are linked to his emotional issues- as most of those are displayed at thome it's probably similar to what you need. he does have some LD, but not mahoosive- reading age delayed by about 2.5 years at the mo.

I just wrote a letter explaining how sam behaves, the risks it puts himself and others at (quite significant for his middle brother who tends to take the brunt) and how certain situations at school ocntribute to the behaviours, along with a list of how I felt the school could help to modify that pattern in order to support him now, reduce the anger, and also reduce the risk of depression etc in the future.

I think that approach might work for you- I binned any forms as they were too rpescriptive, stuck to the letter approach.


MissesF Thu 20-Sep-07 16:22:43


i looked on IPSEA and there is something interesting on there about how having AS affects the child's interaction with teacher and peers...therefore affecting learning....

so guess...if i do a letter...which sounds a good's a bit like the DLA forms...describing a typical day...

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 12:02:33

I did mroe than just a day, I listed the extrremes we've had- the hsopital asdmissins, what happens in a supermarket (crawls and barks) etc- I felt they had really to know the full efefct of how it affects us as a family- for a start the LEA has a duty of care to ds2 as well (and ds3 now but he wasn't school age then).

Actually we ahd a meeting with new Teacher and SENCO earlier and they are descrivbing a lot fo the smae things we see- and for once are looking at things theyc an help with shock. he's being assessed for dyspraxia and dyslexia as well now- all things that would ahve helped with the statement but there you go, LOL.

Writing the letters was hard (done it twice, ds1 and ds3) as you do have to focus on teh negative- think of it as a DLA extension- but it makes a difference in the long term I think.

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 12:57:32

thanks so much peachy...and i really do mean it!!!

what you've said makes me feel more it's what i wanted to do...but thought i had to fill in a regimental form...and Leigh does not 'fit' the form....He does sound so much like your son!!!!!

I think doing what you say means that i get the chance to explain my biggest concern too...that is he starts secondary school next september- and i need something in pace to help him transfer - at the very least....but i just did not know how to fit that on a form!

the ed psych who saw him last term has kept him on their register, and put in writing she still has concerns for his inclusion- she also states my concern about secondary school- and does not i guess to copy her report and include it with request is a good idea?
or do i get another oppertunity to submit 'evidence'????

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 13:09:50

You do get a chance in that the process carries on for quite some time LOL- they logged a delay for ds3's so it took ages to come through, indeed the school palcement panel are expecetd to confirm it (and insert a clause about nappies- Yes!!!) at teh end of the month; we applied the end of February! So you can keep sending things in rigt up until they go to panel, but the more you send in now the better- any reports from the Ed Psych certainly, especially if it backs up what you are concerned about re transfer (a big worry for us too, ds1 only just gone to Juniors but the only transfer option at 11 has a history of inadequace with ASD, one suicide attempt included!!).

My experience is that the mroe you inundate them with, the more likely you are to get close to what you want / need.

I think there has to be a system in place for the 11 transfer for statemented kids- IPSEA or the NAS education advice line might be able to advise on that? (IPSEA are excellent but the NAS one easier to access, iyswim- I use both regularly).

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 13:19:28

and wondering if i stress this is for when he is at secondary may make his current school a little more helpful in supporting i will not be seen as critsising them as such....howver...there is plenty they could do better grin...but if in an ideal world i new today that something was in place for him at secondary....i'd cope better with all the crap in between.

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 13:28:18

Yep, can agree there- ds1's ast six months at Holier-Than-Thou-Infants were eased a lot by the knowledge that hsi sojourn there was limited! And although the transition isn't great atm, I sit and lsiten to a SENCO that actually knows what ASD is and has solutions(!) at the Juniors in shock!

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 13:32:56 your other thread...

the senco at leighs school is 'new to the job' this they get extra training to do the job??????? are they on comissiongrin....that would be good....wonder if she can be bribed!

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 13:41:46

You know, I've been looking into teahcer Training and working towards it for a few years.... and I don't know! Setriosulsy, nobody can tell me waht training they need! I know teachers can get extra pay for extra responsibilities though. I'm looking at an MA in ASD if I teach, but I don't think they ahve formal training- just special events put on by LEA's.

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 13:52:03

thats what i thought...and the bit that actually annoys me a bit that the Ed Psych allocates scools with so many hours ...and the school then chooses how to use that time. so do they use it to 'train senco' (meaning less children get 'observed'...or do they observe the senco does not get trained.
it should be both.

when the ed psych saw leigh last term- 1 obsevation- and 3 followup meetings with leigh and myself- the senco was not present once.

now my thoughts are...if she had...she would have gained a bit more insight into AS much that i suggested as helpful for AS...the ED Psych has included in her suggestions for school strategies i really do have some uses!

still...i'm 40 now...and much as i fancied years ago training as a teacher (so well done YOU!)...i feel i couldn't do it now (all 3 boys being how they are)...but if we can get leigh and tom better accomodated at secondary next year ...i'd certainly like to start by 'helping at school' if poss with SN kids...and they reckon then that if the school sees you are good they then suggest paid positions????

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 13:52:33

didn't realise there was a ASD MA!!!!

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 13:53:38

Oh yes, and dyslexia, and a SLD one at our Uni! There's about 7 in fact, all told

MissesF Fri 21-Sep-07 13:54:49

got to go now...see you!

Peachy Fri 21-Sep-07 13:55:54

40's OK LOL, i'm 34, but I have another year of this degree, and then a year off with this baby before I can do the PGCE etc.

But I do find Uni works well with the kids as well, theypay for ds3's childminder lol and I can make school times for the boys.

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