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hot water tap safety

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sphil Wed 19-Sep-07 15:43:44

Does anyone know of a device you can fit to a tap to stop a child being able to turn it on? DS2's bedroom is next to a bathroom. Atm we put a safety gate across his door, but because we're toilet training, we want to move the gate and give him access to the bathroom/loo. The problem is that our hot water is scalding, however much we fiddle with the thermostat. I wouldn't feel safe unless we had some way of immobilising the taps.

Peachy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:47:21

OOh they are out there- have seen them. not an issue for us (water onot on permanently and in last house dunce landlord installed the boiler in.... the garden hmm)

Perhaps BIBIC would be worth an e-mail, they'll know?

lottiejenkins Wed 19-Sep-07 16:03:07 Hope these people may be able to help you!! If not they may know someone who can!!!!

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