Autism and hypermobility

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yellowrainbow Sun 17-May-20 22:00:54

I think my 3yr old has some hyper-mobility, it's quite noticeable in his thumbs. He struggles with some of motor skills (eg using a spoon), but this also could be due to difficulties with motor planning or lack of willingness.

He is due to have assessment with development paediatrician this summer, so I was going to bring it up then, but now I'm thinking is this a separate issue I should speak to GP about 🤔Anyone had any similar experience? Thanks x

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Legoroses Mon 18-May-20 02:40:33

Hi. I think it's pretty common that hyper mobility sits alongside autism. I have two neuro typical and one autistic child and the nts have much worse hyper mobility than the autistic child. The two more mobile ones did get referred by health visitors to the paediatrician, because they walked late, had odd looking posture etc. I think a health visitor would be a better starting point than a GP based on my experience. You're going to get told to do play doh games, putty etc! You can probably google all the OT top tips in the meantime.

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