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DS had a crossword for his homework yesterday.

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totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 10:27:32

He had to find 10 words, I explained to him what to do, then sat in shock as he completed it in no more than 90 secondsshocksmile

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 10:51:10

Oh he then asked me to buy a book of crosswords, but trickier ones as his homework was sooooo easygrin

wulfricsmummy Wed 19-Sep-07 11:01:51

Message withdrawn

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 11:44:20

I am making some crosswords up for him with word processor, he is ASD, with a severe language delay, he is 6.6, with verbal skills he averages at a 3.3 year old, but non verbal skills he averahes at a 9 year old, must be so frustrating for himsad

TotalChaos Wed 19-Sep-07 11:58:54

DS 3.5 has severe language delay too (not been assessed for ASD yet), so sounds like our boys are similar. Lovely to hear about his crossword achievements .

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 12:05:57

Our MN names are similair toogrin

TotalChaos Wed 19-Sep-07 12:06:42

----twilight zone-----

I used to be mummytosteven btw.

TotalChaos Wed 19-Sep-07 12:07:22

It's amazing though, the things our kids find easy - jigsaws etc, when the whole language/conversation stuff is such a challenge.

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 12:07:44

Oh right, not a newbie thensmile

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 12:10:05

Yep, its like ds is at 2 different development stages, which I suppose is exactly the case.

totaleclipse Wed 19-Sep-07 12:12:25

DS is really AS, but was DX with ASD, because children with AS are generally very bright, but because of DS language disorder he is put back, but any task that is non verbal he always averages at a 9yr old, I was told by DX him ASD would mean he gets more support and help.

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