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In todays metro - Free Raun Kaufman Son-Rise lecture

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finefatmama Mon 17-Sep-07 14:25:32

was thinking of registering but wanted to know if it anyone has any knowledge of Son-Rise. I already feel like i'm running around like a headless chicken wanting to try everything at the moment.

It's at Earls Court London on 30Sept 6- 8.30 pm and 3Oct 7-9.30pm

finefatmama Mon 17-Sep-07 14:27:35

Sorry, website is haven't checked yet

I'm hopeless with links

finefatmama Mon 17-Sep-07 17:27:14


MerlinsBeard Wed 19-Sep-07 10:05:25

I helped with a Son Rise programme with a young autistic boy. TBH i can't really rememebr too much detail about it, it was 10 years ago and i was a volunteer rather than it being my own child.

It really helped the boy i was working iwth. when i worked with him he had quite severe autism and now is in a main stream high school(with additional help)

It involved tha family putting a portacabin in their garden which turned into J's 'school'. he would be in there from 9 until 4 every single day. A volunteer would go in and spend an hour with him doing whatever he was doing. Someone would take his lunch in, there was a toilet in there and it had a section where the parents could come in and watch without him knowing/seeing you.
They flew to America for a Son Rise seminar and never looked back!

finefatmama Mon 24-Sep-07 14:17:39

cool. I'm looking into it. There was something on there about sponsorship by a certain cauldwell trust for the 6 day program.

And someone I met also mentioned getting help with private SALT and sonrise costs from a charity called CEREBRA will google after work.

Sadly specialist SALT waiting times on the NHS here is abt 30 weeks and I think it's too long a wait so I really need to do something. We'll see dev pead tomorrow and I don't know what to expect. Am a little stressed right now as am from that part of the globe that still believes he's just spoilt rotten and I'm doing a bad job. Am tempted to stop attending family gatherings.

gess Mon 24-Sep-07 16:57:36

We did Growing Minds which was started by people who were orginally Son-Rise practitioners and then wanted to add in behavioural methods as well. They are a little cheaper than Son-Rise. There were quite a few people on the course I went on who had done Son-Rise for a few years and wanted to move on.

What sorts of problems does your child have? Son-Rise is meant to be good if you have a child with very poor relational skills, so who is very in their own world. I'm not convinced its that good at teaching skills such as speech & imitation (although if those develop anyway during the course of the program it might improve them iyswim).

I think the attitudional training that comes with Son-Rise is very good (Growing Minds did it as well). I have to admit I thought it would be hogwash, but found it really helpful in the end!

finefatmama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:20:55

I am yet to determine what the issues are coz he's changed a bit.

He is 2.2 doesn't say many meaningful words though he hums and babbles a lot. Improved eye contact since we cut out dairy, can be clingy and affectionate but is quite a loner and wont bring stuff to me (if he likes what i'm holding, he'll take it away and play with it on his own). He doesn't point but will take my hand to an object that he wants or push me towards the kitchen when he's hungry or pull me away from a room if he wants us to leave. doesn't look for feedback or approval. competes with his brother for attention sometimes. gives me a very blank look most of the time when i'm talking to him except when i say 'take' 'food' 'come' or 'hand'. his hearing test came back fine.

I'm not sure what the concept of imitation is - he will not obey comands or copy what I'm doing unless it's cooking or assemblying flatpack furniture or building lego towers.

gess Mon 24-Sep-07 21:40:04

Imitation would be something like you saying "do it like this..." then showing your son so that he copies. Some children develop it (often late with ASD). Some children need to be taught it (it took ds1 until he was 7 to learn it). I'm not convinced that Son-Rise will teach it, although if it develops anyway then it will build on it.

Intensive Interaction is similar to Son-Rise (quite a few books out there on it), and interesting.

I think everyone I know who has gone on a Son-Rsie program was funded by the Caudwell trust- worth looking into as a source of funding definitely.

ManxMum Tue 25-Sep-07 08:54:59

Saw Raun on 'This Morning' yesterday and was amazed!!

Not sure if this would help my son though, as his greatest problem is GDD and then ASD with a topping of verbal dyspraxia. Can anyone advise if it would be worth looking more into this?

I can't get to the lectures as I am offshore and funds are non-existant sad

finefatmama Tue 25-Sep-07 14:39:15

Had the most confusing assessment. Dev pead said 'conclusive diagnosis is that he definitely autustic... can't give ASD diagnosis without specialist SALT assessment saying the same... developmental age 8-9 physical problems...shuts out sounds and doesn't understand verbal communication but is very good with visual cues...advised to buy hanen books...etc

So is that a diagnosis or not?

He seems pretty certain that eye-q and Hanen techniques will cause the language and social difficulties to reverse to a very large degree before he's four. Is he allowed to say that?

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