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Oh dear - dd1 about to lose first tooth!!

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eidsvold Mon 17-Sep-07 05:42:57

I looked at her mouth today and thought something looked odd - she only has three front teeth between the incisors and today it looked very roomy. She has a very wobbly tooth - I just want to be able to get it for her to put out for the toothfairy.

Any idea how I explain it to her?? suggestions welcomed and thank you in advance.

anniebear Mon 17-Sep-07 07:16:40

Oh I am dreading this!

Ellie has her first wobbly tooth also!

I got a charlie and Lola Book a few weeks ago about a wobbly tooth. It was a bit long for her though.

I have just tried to talk about it to her and explain simply

At the moment it isnt too wobbly so she cant feel it herself

I dont know what she is going to be like!
At the moment she says "I have a wobbly tooth, its going to come out with blood"!!!!!!!!!

But I have a feeling when it does happen.......agggggggghh!!

Hope your DD1 is ok!

Sorry, not much use am I lol

Her twin sister is mortified as her teeth are rock solid and not moving anywhere fast! She is the only one in her class (just started yr2 ) not to loose teeth!!!!

mshadowsnumber1fan Mon 17-Sep-07 08:54:14

how funny dd lost one on saturday. couldn't find it any where so left a note for tooth fairy. oh and we don't do under the pillow as our fairy is disabled she uses a dish on the window sill in the lounge

ShinyHappySchmooo Mon 17-Sep-07 09:00:14

I was so sure that with DS (7) we'd never have anything to give to the TF (because it was could instantly lost/swallowed)... but now, 5 teeth into the "tooth loss process", we've never lost one, by hook or by crook!

(Actually 2 of those, he yanked out himself one night before they were hardly wobbly.. shock shock ..heard a lot of grunting and groaning.. rushed in to find carnage in his bed and him proudly, bloodily, gummily and happily shock, sporting a very large gap!!

It will probably be easier than you think Eidsvold. Tell school to be on the lookout though.. two of DS's have been "caught" by his one to one. DS loves coming home from school with one of those little blue teeth envelopes with a fairy on that most primary schools have

eidsvold Mon 17-Sep-07 11:25:18

well - thanks for your ideas

We have since discovered she has lost one already along the way.

She has then just wriggled it and wriggled it with her tongue and it too is gone.

She was quite upset when I tried to get it out but seems okay it is gone now.

Dd2 is desperate for her teeth to come out now grin I keep telling her she has a few more years yet.

I think tomorrow night we will do a note for the tooth fairy. Not sure where she will come in - probably in the kitchen - like the window sill idea.

Will not be checking nappy to see if they come out the other end though. A note will have to suffice.

Surprised as she was late to get her first few teeth and then they seemed to come in bunches and here she is at 5 and a bit and two gone already.

anniebear Mon 17-Sep-07 11:31:58

Glad it wasnt too bad!! smile

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