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DS4 had his first theraplay session today - he abso;utely loved it

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MegaLegs Fri 14-Sep-07 20:41:45

It has made me feel much more confident about him starting preschool after Christmas. He was happy for me to leave the room (I sat in parents' room and read books about sleep LOL). He painted and glued and snacked and played for two hours and hd a ball.

LadyTophamHatt Fri 14-Sep-07 20:42:43


emkana Fri 14-Sep-07 20:43:34

That's lovely!

Sidge Fri 14-Sep-07 20:45:51

Such a clever boy!

MABS Sun 16-Sep-07 14:13:35

great megalegs (you coming to meet up 29 Sept, be great to see you

MegaLegs Mon 17-Sep-07 10:32:53

Hi MABS - didn't know about the meet up. Will find thread as I'd love to come.

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