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numptysmummy Fri 14-Sep-07 16:11:36

How,how,how do i get dd1 who has a chromo disorder and a.d.d that it is not appropriate to sream and lose plot with her friends as they won't wanyt to play? My best mate just came with her dd who although younger than mine has always been her friend. Dd wenyt mentakl and friend has taken her v upset dd home. I'm so cross,embarrased and fed up. She just doesn't get it.

Nat1H Fri 14-Sep-07 20:37:08

Did she understand when her friend left? Was she aware that she now didn't have a friend to play with and was she bothered?
My son has no concept that it's wrong to hit and grab his brother or us. No matter how much we try to expalin that it's wrong, or tell him off, he just doesn't get it. Have even tried a naughty step (stupid idea), but he had no concept of what he'd done, never mind why he was there!
Sounds like you may be trying to flog a dead horse to me!
Keep your chin up smile

numptysmummy Sat 15-Sep-07 10:03:01

Back again! When friend left i said that people are going to find it hard to be friends with her etc and she wouldn't be able to have her movie party next wk etc. I guess i know there's no hope just wanted to rant really because nobody in rl has a bloody clue!

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