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Had a right laugh today with the dds.

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eidsvold Thu 13-Sep-07 12:41:06

They were driving me nuts with constantly wanting my attention - have been very busy preparing for kindy fete, organising T-shirt order for next year ( needs to be done ASAP), new parent support work and everything else.

So - whilst dinner cooked I sat down and played.

We played shop - they had their little cash register out. So i gave them some scenarios to get them started. Dd1 - just wanted to buy ice cream ( oops wonder where she got that one from grin) Dd2 wanted to buy all sorts of things ranging from pictures to mummy milk for dd3.

Well - I do not think dd1 will have a successful future in retail - everytime we tried to buy something she would take money from the till and pay us!!! Laughing her head off as she paid us.

Dd2 - no real future either as everything I bought only cost $2.99!!!! again my kind of shop.

They had a blast and were just giggling all the time.

Dd2 then did round and round the garden on dd3's hand and was dancing and cracking the baby up.

Finally - dd1 made me laugh out loud - I told them for a treat if they ate nicely at dinner they could have some icecream. We have been doing a lot of 1st x then/next y.

So first - eat our dinner Next/then you can have a little bit of ice cream.

Well Miss5 ( dd1) saunters over and holds her index finger up to me - announces that 1st Ice cream, next dinner. Turns away and does not give me a chance to answer, sits up at the table and then nods at me as if to say - you got that.

I had to laugh - the look on her face was precious.

eidsvold Thu 13-Sep-07 12:44:21

oh just remembered - this made me giggle. Dd2 just does not be quiet - 4000000 questions every day - after relatively non verbal dd1 it is such a change..... ( both good and bad).

Anyway I have learnt not to call people inappropriate things whilst driving. However I might say - Oh grandad or hoy love/mate etc.

Our conversation goes like this

Oh grandad
what did grandad do
he cut mummy up and was driving in a silly manner
why was he being silly and so on.

Well the other day coming out of the hospital car park - little diamond traffic island appears out of nowhere - I say SHIT! dd2 pipes up - what did shit do mummy? I tried so hard not to laugh.

okay so you had to be there grin

LilRedWG Thu 13-Sep-07 12:47:08

I hope you obeyed such a calmly given instruction and provided ice-cream first wink

PandaG Thu 13-Sep-07 12:47:08

grin sounds like you had a fab day smile

eidsvold Thu 13-Sep-07 12:49:44

nope mean old mum just laughed and asked her who the boss was - to which she replied daddy - and set about laughing her head off.

It is lovely to see her making little jokes and realising she is doing so.

They did get their icecream though.

magsi Thu 13-Sep-07 12:50:33

made me grin

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