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even with the problems she brings my ds loves having his sister

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2shoes Thu 13-Sep-07 10:51:51

he has often told me he wouldn't swap her for anything. (obviously he wishes she didn't have sn)
when she is in the house she lightens the place and our moods.

she may have cp but she is not an "angel" a little monster at times.

(I do do hate it when people who say they know sn group all children/people with sn into one title)

eidsvold Thu 13-Sep-07 12:32:03

that is fab 2shoes - i love reading about your ds he sounds like a fabulous young man.

TotalChaos Thu 13-Sep-07 12:35:37


expatinscotland Thu 13-Sep-07 12:37:06

tobysmumkent Thu 13-Sep-07 15:03:43

Message withdrawn

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