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i think I am crap at this

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2shoes Tue 11-Sep-07 17:08:50

i went to dd's school to take her to her hearing test. it was a waste of time. first she kicked off because her link worker wasn't comming. then she lost interest after 5 mins. wouldn't keep the head phones on or tell them she could hear the noises. it was suggested that some one else took her next time(yikes) so now her respite key worker will take her next time.
thing is I don't think I speak up enough.
i am sure she heard the noises that the doc thought she didn't. should I have said something??

mymatemax Tue 11-Sep-07 19:30:45

No our not crap, just sounds a normal parent child/child relationship.
Both mine nt & sn perform for others & play me up I always come out feeling useless.
As for the speaking up, its better that they are certain so a re test won't hurt.

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