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Is it just me or do you feel like this aswell?

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magsi Tue 11-Sep-07 13:34:10

Probably is just me but I feel a lot more comfortable and welcome here on the SN board than the parenting board. Crazy because I have 2 other kids aswell and I am a parent at the same time. I liken it to walking through the (ms) school playground and feeling like we do not quite belong. Silly I know and nothing has happened to make me feel this way, I just do. Maybe I am my own worst enemy.

How do you guys feel?

Joggeroo Tue 11-Sep-07 13:56:18

I only use this board. I have 2 other children too. I once ventured onto the pregnancy forum but quickly decided to only use this one. So, you're not alone.

2shoes Tue 11-Sep-07 17:04:57

I do venture on to teens sometimes. but feel safer here.

Twiglett Tue 11-Sep-07 17:08:21

I venture on to here from the other boards

I like it here

there's more normal people here it seems

Davros Wed 12-Sep-07 11:40:47

I used to visit all sorts of sections of MN but got bored tbh! I usually just come to SN now and it takes up much less time.

coppertop Wed 12-Sep-07 14:34:02

I go on to the other boards but SN is my 'home' IYKWIM.

magso Wed 12-Sep-07 15:25:25

Yes I rarely visit the other areas now! This board is supportive and peppered with wisdom!

Lil Fri 14-Sep-07 21:52:42

Hello magsi, Ikwym. I have recently ventured back into this rather larger mumsnet site after a 3 yr break..when this SN section wasn't there. I felt alone at the time cos all I could think about was ds being ill and got bitter looking at the "hey my kids got chickenpox do you think we need a hospital visit..or the world has ended, my child has had a cold for 4 DAYS...etc"

(dd is O2 oxygen dependent) and you know how you try to think of other things and yep most of the time you get on with life, but then everyday the fears for the future just creep in and you want to talk to someone who just 'gets it'. I guess this might be the place!! So Hi!!

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