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Statements: good or bad thing?

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trunkybun Mon 10-Sep-07 23:09:38

Hi, I realise this might be an extremely stupid question, but what are the advantages of having a statement? I know from reading various threads on here that statements are very hard to get and just wondered what 'extra' help you get (that would not be provided with an IEP or school action plus) my son has Dyspraxia and Hypermobility and I feel that (at the very least) he would definately need extra time and some kind of help with his writing when it comes to exams etc. Does he need a statement to get this kind of help?

2mum Mon 10-Sep-07 23:21:56

Hi trunkybun, your ds may also get a 1:1 assistant if he gets statemented.

electra Wed 12-Sep-07 17:27:44

Message withdrawn

onlyjoking9329 Wed 12-Sep-07 20:24:38

i don't know any negatives about having a statement my three all have one.

Davros Wed 12-Sep-07 20:34:35

GOOD THING as it is a legal document!

Nat1H Wed 12-Sep-07 20:54:54

Fantastic document to have. They tried to fob me off with Early Action Plus, but being a teacher, I was having none of it. You need to get some help - contact IPSEA. I was lucky, and knew all the jargon to use. Must be a nightmare if you don't. Good luck.

PussinWellies Wed 12-Sep-07 21:08:25

Benefits for us were:
1-to-1 help, at first for 20 hours a week, now full-time
25% extra time in exams
A scribe for class work when needed
Use of laptop for exams
A place in a secondary school with a special support base and expert help on tap
Music therapy and OT at school

...yes, I'd say it was pretty positive! Good luck.

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