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Special Needs Pram or Buggies

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Mitchell81 Mon 10-Sep-07 10:04:54

Does anyones DC use a Jazz easy buggy or Bingo rehab buggy? Would like to know what you think as thinking about getting one for DD. We need a buggy that has lots of support and is comfortable, suitable for a 6 year.

dizzy34 Tue 11-Sep-07 00:15:46


We currently have a jazz easy. Its been ok but is not very padded and ds ended up with pressure sores on his back. Its also not good for carrying machines, my ds has to travel with suction, feed pump and changing bag and sometimes oxygen. I dot know whether you have seen the 'new bug'? my friend has that for her little girl and is not too impressed with it. I looked at the bingo but settled for the tomcross which looks fab. He looks so comfy in it. He needs loads of support as he is quadriplegic and cant hold his head or any of his limbs. the tomcross doesnt have a website but i can pass you the phone number so you can ring for a brochure.

Whichever you pick, try to get the salesman to lend you one for a few hours and practice with it round town, putting it in your car and in your house as well

Mitchell81 Thu 13-Sep-07 21:57:09

Thank you for replying, If you could please give me the number, I will give them a call. My dd is also quadriplegic, how old is your ds?

dizzy34 Thu 13-Sep-07 21:58:52

He is 4yrs old, five next april. He has something called ,malignant migrating partial epilepsy of infancy. His website is

Whats up with your little one?

Mitchell81 Thu 13-Sep-07 22:09:48

She has an unknown genetic syndrome. Which caused her to have dislocated knees, hips and elbows. She also had a cleft palate, but all those where corrected with surgery, but her one hip is still dislocated. She is developmentally delayed and doesn't talk. She has scoliosis(curving of the spine) and epilepsy(complex partial seizures).She is in a wheelchair and can't move her legs and has limited movement in her arms. I will go look now at his website.

dogtired Thu 13-Sep-07 22:12:43

Hi, you should check out the new Otto Bock Kimba Spring - their new buggy is absolutely gorgeous. I have a New Bug which is fine, it was the best I could find on the market last year, but I'm really peed off the new Kimba wasn't around then..

Mitchell81 Thu 13-Sep-07 22:23:27

I think the Bingo rehab is similar to the kimba, what do you think of the bug otherwise?

dogtired Thu 13-Sep-07 22:38:35

no complaints really, I'm still glad I got it. It looks like a "normal" buggy, it's very adaptable, can go reverse, tilts in space or goes horizontal. Nice chunky all terrain wheels with good suspension. The colours are a bit limited, I think the grey is the best. It's pretty heavy (but they all are) but manageable if you take the seat off the frame to get it in the car (which is easy). The tray that you can order for it is rubbish - far too small and not adjustable at all. The suncanopy is really ugly and you need one to support the rain cover, however a regular Mothercare one fits fine.

I'd defo go for the Kimba now though, accessories are a lot better and the colours are much better. Similar price too, plus servicing and parts will be easier with a Kimba because they're more widely used in this country. The New Bug is Italian.

Have you thought about getting a wheelchair instead? Some of them look pretty funky.

dogtired Thu 13-Sep-07 22:39:48

Sorry, forgot to say, it's very supportive and well upholstered too

Mitchell81 Fri 14-Sep-07 08:59:37

She does have a wheelchair aswell, but gets very tired in it, coz it is so upright. She uses it a school and for transport.At the weekends and after school she needs a break so we use the maclaren major, but the footrest is not suitable for her legs.

Mitchell81 Fri 14-Sep-07 22:00:20

Dizzy, did you manage to find the telephone number?

Davros Sat 15-Sep-07 09:07:32

Hi, sorry to intrude as I don't know anything about SN buggies/wheelchairs. BUT I get Carers UK magazine and I noticed ads for various models. First I noticed the Jazz Easy but see you have already discussed that. Others that look interesting, but may be massively expensive, are chunc at and Corgi Hi-Lo (£3999!( on 01722 340600 and the ad for that one says assistance for funding may be available through wheelchair svs or Whizz-Kidz (yeah, I know easier said than done).

dizzy34 Sat 15-Sep-07 10:06:09

Hi, sorry harry hasnt been well, i promise i will post the number on here today.

dizzy34 Sat 15-Sep-07 10:09:22

Right here goes

Swift style
45 Old Rd
0161 428 8441

Just ask them to send a catalogue out to you. Social services are funding ours.

Mitchell81 Sat 15-Sep-07 10:25:05

Thanks Davros, the Chunc looks good. Yes we are applying for funding from charities so who knows when we get get it, just need to decide on one now. The one reason why I would think twice about the Jazz easy is the service we received. We had to drive 2 & 1/2 hours each way to go to a Petrol station on the motorway to meet a rep, they wouldn't come to us in Aberdeen. We had to travel to Stirling.

Mitchell81 Sat 15-Sep-07 10:26:48

Thank you for the number, sorry to hear that Harry is unwell. You must be a fantastic mom to put so much time and effort into his website. It is amazing.

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