Autistic traits or just likes being alone?

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kevintheorangecarrot Thu 05-Mar-20 14:49:09

My DS is nearly 4 and he is the most loveliest boy you could ever meet. Very affectionate! He currently goes to childminders and she said she's concerned that he doesn't play with any other children and always plays by himself. She said that she isn't worried that he is autistic but just that he walks off if someone tries to play with him. When he was at nursery previously, he always played with other children there but he would slowly shy away from them and start playing independently. I don't know whether he is very introverted like me and just likes being by ones self or whether this is a behavioural thing? He's never aggressive/violent. He just happily plays by himself. He will sit on my lap and ask me to read some books with him. He talks and strings sentences absolutely fine. We had a HV meeting the other week and she's not worried whatsoever. We was invited to a 3rd birthday party and when I took him he just wasn't interested when he saw all the children playing and said he wants to go home sad I just don't know! It worries me as I don't want him to feel alone and isolated like I am.

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LightTripper Sat 07-Mar-20 23:20:20

It sounds a bit like my daughter was at that age (who is autistic), but obviously autism has a lot more to it (also generally sensory differences and some repetitive behaviours, though they may not be that obvious).

If nursery is concerned there's probably no harm getting it checked out? It means if he does need a bit of support with socialising when he starts school he can access it (my DD really benefitted from that, and also has a few things in place still to help her organise herself and to deal with getting a bit overwhelmed sometimes).

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