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What do you think of this idea in principle?........................................

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jo25 Thu 06-Sep-07 09:56:07

I am seriously thinking about setting up a small holding for people with learning disabilities. I have approx 10 acres and I want turn it into part arable part livestock.

I also want to run it in an Eco friendly way if at all possible. I want the indidviduals to be able to attend up to 5/6 days per week. I want to teach them to work the land, poss drive tractors and tend to the animals, (sheep,hens,goats,pigs etc)

I would like us to become known in the local area and to be able to sell our produce.

What i really want to know is would you be interested in sending your loved ones to an establishment of this kind and what, if any, other suggestions/oppoutunities would you want to be available for them to access?
Thank you so much for your time.

heartinthecountry Thu 06-Sep-07 13:19:31

I think with a lot of thought and proper planning this could be a lovely idea.

My dd1 is only 4 but already I think about her future after school - what she will do, how she will fill her days. I'd love for her to learn new skills and hopefully find joy in something.

this could be just the kind of thing for some people.

thomcat Thu 06-Sep-07 13:24:35

In principle, it sounds great. A really lovely idea and agree with the lovely HitC.

Would families of people with learning disabilty also be able to stay, or at least one family member.

What level of learning disabilites are you thinking about and what sort of age ranges?

what's your background, ie have you worked with peopel with SN's in the past?

jo25 Thu 06-Sep-07 14:12:46

hi, thanks for your input.
Thomcat i do have 12 years experience with SN at varying degrees, right up to challenging behaviour and profound LD. I also have Agricuturual diplomas and degree in Health and Social Care. As far as age range is concerned i am personally used to working with 17 years plus, but thought about lowering the range from 14.

Having the possibility of having someone close to them staying with them throughout the day would also be beneficial and definately something i will look into. As far a level of LD is concerned I will make it as user friendly as possible and can definately see the livestock area being wheelchair friendly. Target would probably be Moderate LD.

This is a project i have wanted to do for the 6-7 years. Its all very exciting if it happens. Fingers crossed!.

Peachy Thu 06-Sep-07 14:20:45

There's something locally thats similar they ahd on the radio, an organic farm with the same idea- people with SN doing a lot of the work etc and then selling it all on

Semmed very successful (sorryc antr emember name- in Wales though)

persoanlly i think its a lovely idea and I would love ds's to be able toa ccess soemthing like that

thomcat Thu 06-Sep-07 14:21:52

Fingers very much crossed. Sounds amazing and I can't wait for my DD to be old enough to join you!

Would be lovley to hear about your progress with this, would you mind? Think it's SO lovely smile

My DD has Down's syndrome and as soon as I could I took her to the local stables hoping she'd fall in love with horses. Not to be just yet I'm afraid but I think that the calm unjudgemental serenity of being around animals is wonderful for children and young adults with disabilities.

I wish you all teh luck and success in teh world, I really do.

jo25 Thu 06-Sep-07 14:28:31

Thank you both so much. TC of course i will keep you posted on progress. Who knows maybe in years to come i might meet your DD at my centre. I wish her every luck and inch of happiness in the world.

Peachy thanks for that i will search on it.

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