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We got DLA!

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Jenkeywoo Wed 05-Sep-07 09:35:05

I'm in a state of shock, after waiting and worrying for two months we got our decision today - high rate care! set until March 2009 when dd turns 3. I'm so relieved as I have given up work to look after her so this money will really help. Weirdly, other than here, DH and my mum I haven't got anyone else to share this news with - wouldn't tell my friends who think disability is all imagined by parents - they'd probably think I was commiting benefit fraud sad.

It's like finally someone out there has recognised everything we do for dd day and night - what a relief.

Good luck to all those out there still waiting for a decision.

lou33 Wed 05-Sep-07 09:35:57

congrats grin

Sidge Wed 05-Sep-07 11:52:47

Great news!!

Now don't forget to apply for Carer's Allowance as well smile

MrsMarvel Wed 05-Sep-07 11:56:44

Congrats - we got ours renewed recently, middle rate but it was enough to get carer's allowance as well.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 06-Sep-07 17:02:53

Congrats Jenkey.

Don't forget to call the Tax credits people too.

jambuttie Thu 06-Sep-07 20:58:31

congrats hun,

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