Are we a priorty for council housing?

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Anxietyqueen1987 Wed 29-Jan-20 09:52:25

I'm a registered carer at the moment, I am trying to get back into work but am currently on universal credit.

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OhMeows Wed 29-Jan-20 09:46:17

I think it depends a lot on the demand in your area for housing, what your own income is, and if you are "homeless".

People currently in emergency bnb accommodation, hostels, victims of domestic violence, people in overcrowded housing and actively homeless people would be prioritised above you.

Anxietyqueen1987 Wed 29-Jan-20 09:29:25

I'm just wondering if my daughter and I are a priority when it comes to getting a council property. I have recently separated from my partner of 10 years and have had to move back to my mums with my 5 year old daughter who has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. My daughter has severe difficulties with her expressive and receptive language, has sensory processing difficulties and attends a specialist school. My mum also has a disability, problems with her lungs (not sure what exactly), mobility issues (she's had to give up work) and is more or less house bounds. Recently, my daughter has started to become quite aggressive towards my mum and we have no idea why as my daughter can't communicate. Everytime my mum talks my daughter gets extremely distressed, she screams, crys, hits, kicks and trys to pull my mums hair. It's been awful. I have tried to ask her why she gets upset, have tried to remove her from the situation ect but my daughter can't seem to control it. I feel terrible about all of this and it is causing all of us upset. I feel so bad for my mum AND my daughter. I have applied for a council property but have been put into Band C. Do you think we should be a priority?

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