DLA renewal, feeling overwhelmed

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JustGoodVibes Mon 27-Jan-20 20:16:50

Ds (14) has a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD. He was diagnosed with both 3 years ago and after spending weeks on the DLA forms, it was approved. I’ve now received my renewal and I’m struggling. I made myself lots of notes the last time and have been reading through them. The thing is, ds is exactly the same now as he was then but I feel I can’t copy the answers as it may look false? Of course it’s not! Also the last time I sent in lots of copies of assessments etc but since diagnosis he hasn’t seen anyone so they are dated years ago, do I send them again?! Or will they not consider them as they are old?

Feeling very anxious about it all, as I really do need the payments for ds and will struggle if they stop 😔

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BlankTimes Tue 28-Jan-20 01:27:03

For your DLA renewal, I'd paraphrase the answers from your first DLA application as much as you can. I'd re-submit all previous assessments with a list of date and name of medic and precis of the main points.
If he's on meds for his ADHD, has he had any meds reviews, if so, attach a copy. Has he seen a medic about anything ASD/ADHD related, if so include details if it will support your claim. Have school provided him with any interventions, if so ask SENCO to write what they've done for him at school and include that.

Deep breath, because at age 16 he'll be eligible for transfer to PIP which is much more difficult to get than DLA is. There was a huge backlog of transfers, but it's worth knowing when it will be likely to happen in your area. You may find yourself having just achieved DLA renewal then having to apply anew for PIP which is based on very different criteria.

DLA to PIP transfer goes very smoothly for some people and others (like me) have to go to Tribunal. Start amassing as much evidence as you can for PIP NOW, read the guides online and when the time comes, include all the evidence you've submitted for both of the DLA claim as they often don't read that. Always keep a copy of everything you send to DWP.
Good Luck, you CAN do it, we all have to flowers

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