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has anyone used a slepper bed pn when out and about with their child

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2shoes Thu 30-Aug-07 18:54:00

my freind suggested it as she uses one with her dd. I can't put dd on the toilet when out as she is wriggly and falls down the hole. also the lifting in and out of her wheelchair is a nightmare. so I am getting one on saturday.
plan is.. i get her to stand on her foot plate . pull down pants shove thing under and she goes.just wondered if anyone had tried this.

UniSarah Thu 30-Aug-07 20:28:18

If you mean a "slipper pan" I have used one myself. while recovering from a broken pelvis. Was Ok, much more comfy than a trad potty type pan. Didn't have to hoist my self very high to get it slid under.
CAn you borrow one to try it out with dd before you buy one.

2shoes Thu 30-Aug-07 21:15:27

don't thinks you can.
sorry to be personal. but did you have to sit on it. as dd will and I wondered how comfatable it would be. or wheter to go to a slightly more moulded one.

UniSarah Fri 31-Aug-07 19:53:11

mostly I was using it while lieing down. Can't remember what kind I used in the 1st days sitting up, sorry.

2shoes Fri 31-Aug-07 21:18:07

thanks anyway. i am going to have a look tomorrow. so fingers crossed

2shoes Sun 02-Sep-07 11:48:12

it works.....dd was so proud
now just got to practice.

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