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Beach holiday in Devon - any ideas?

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sphil Tue 28-Aug-07 23:07:54

We haven't had a holiday this summer as we've been busy moving house, so want to go away for some of Oct half term. As we're going to have an Indian summer hmm we thought we'd like a beach holiday - in Devon preferably. DS2 is fine with self-catering - have done it lots of times with him. Problem is that self-catering places all seem to book for whole weeks at that time of year. Does anyone know of any that do short breaks? Or (gulp)a hotel/b+b with family rooms? We'd need two interconnecting rooms if possible, otherwise no-one will get any sleep!

We may, quite possibly, be mad...

alycat Tue 28-Aug-07 23:27:24

How old is your DS2? Just asking because I took our dcs (7 yr old dd NT and 2.5 ds with SN - for the 2nd time)to a fab farm that is only 20mins from the Devon coast - nr Instow which is a fab firm sandy beach, great for my wobbly walker/regular faller to have some freedom on without fear of major injury.

It is a play farm, where the children get to be 'farmer' feeding pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, g.pigs, mice etc and collecting eggs. We went for Easter and DS (who was 2.5) was bottle feeding lambs on his own. His confidence and communication skills improved by the day, he learned 10 new words (prob only had 6 spontaneous when we went there!)including egg, lamb, chicken...and the makaton sign for pig.

Barbra Terry (who runs it)and Sandy were completely unflappable, even when DS dropped eggs and spilled feed. He was given tasks suited to his abilities and he revelled in the responsibilities - I bet those bunnies have never had so much hay!

Torridge House Cottages

There is even a local Reiki Practitioner who has a very calming influence, even on my DS - it was the stillest he'd ever sat!

Another mum who was there (A NM rather than a MN)had also been there twice, her DS has AS - she also cannot fault the care that Barbra and Sandie give the children.

sphil Wed 29-Aug-07 08:30:38

Sounds great Alycat - just looked at their website. Unfortunately all booked up for half term, unsurprisingly.

DS2 is nearly 5 btw.

gess Wed 29-Aug-07 15:16:17

The yurt???? Yurtworks?? They have a stove so snug and warm. Bath is lovely- but compost toilet! Perhaps a long weekend. No interconnecting rooms though.

Otherwise will have a ponder. The place I won on mumsnet- and I can't remember their name agh- will think- was really good but I suspect they'll be booked up...

if this, or one of the other apartments in the block is available they lok great. A pool on site as well, when I win the lottery I'm buying one :o

sphil Thu 30-Aug-07 18:29:53

Yurt only available up to 15th Oct - but I really want to do it one day. Bigbury appts look amazing - but booked sadly. Will def think about one of those for future though - just what we want (no walk to beach with DS2 clinging round knees and saying 'up up' every two secs...)

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