My son is still on single words

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Ggift Thu 02-Jan-20 15:20:29

My son now speaks single clear words.has about 200 words mostly nouns, and 25 verbs. My concern is still he is not putting words together. Can anyone tell me how long it took for them to join words from the time they used single words to label and ask for needs. Thank you. He is 2.7 now.

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Poppywood Thu 02-Jan-20 23:12:42

Hiya, my daughter took about 3 months to start joining words from when she started with single words. Started with things she wanted - like want drink, mummy cuddle etc. To encourage it I tried not to give her what she wanted unless she asked with both words (as mums we can read our children so well and often can tell what they want even if they don't use any words, but that doesn't help improve their speech so trying to not to just get them what they want if they haven't used their words to communicate it, helps)

Or if he's not ready for that yet try repeating what he says in a short sentence repeatedly. So if he days "dog" - say "it's a big dog" or "black dog" - try really hard to use only very short sentences when engaging with him.

Play games, so if your playing with cars and he says car, you can then make the car crash and say "car crash". Playing with balls, say "ball bounce" "through ball" - but keep it just at two / three word phrases.

If he says Biscuit (or any food) say "want biscuit" etc etc. Im sure it won't Be long if he already has lots of single words, some kids just take their time!

Ggift Sat 11-Jan-20 10:15:43

Poppywood, thank you for posting. Like you said, am replying to him in two or three words sentences. Still no progress. Let me wait and see.

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MontStMichel Sat 11-Jan-20 10:43:51

I would seek an assessment by a speech and language therapist, if I were you. There is probably a waiting list on the NHS, so you might as well get DC on the list. You can always pull out, if DC has a big language spurt!

Bpeep Sun 12-Jan-20 21:45:50

Hi, my son is also using one words. We speak two languages at home and English is not our mother tongue. I am worried, how far he could learn English language, not our mother tongue, if he has ASD.

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