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Yet another CRB for my collection

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supportman Sat 25-Aug-07 23:23:16

Why did they have to make CRBs non-transferable, as I now have one for my original agency position, one for one of the homes I went to with the agency and was taken on to their flexi-bank, one for my new job at the childrens home and now I have found out that as I will be getting my P45 from the agency for my new job as it will be the main one, policy states that I will need another to continue with the agency as I have officialy left and rejoined. What a farce.

Oh and I am still looking to get some vouluntry work and if done through offical channels that would make 5 CRB checks. They last for three years so even if I started in care work at 18 I would still be on my third and I have only been doing care for a year now and have 4 checks.

lljkk Sun 26-Aug-07 19:28:23

Because each agency can't be sure that other agencies have done the identity checks properly.

Were you gone from your position (where you previously had CRB) for less than 5 months? I seem to remember someone issuing that as the cut-off rule to redo enhanced CRBs.

NOW, if a central administrating body coordinated all CRB checks (including ID verification, DC2, etc.) for all institutions requiring CRB clearance, then it might be reasonable to transfer them. Or just to do partial updates for reduced fees. But that would require taxpayer money, so not relying on the voluntary sector to do most of the suitable person vetting.

And then you'd still have the question of how often they need to be "redone", and making sure that the original one being transferred around wasn't past it's renew-by date. Ofsted has no time limit on them for preschools, but has suggested every 3 yrs for supply teachers and every 2 yrs for childminders. Charity Commission recommends every 3 yrs, CRB says it's a risk-balance decision, other agencies may well make up their own rules, depending on setting and position.

Oh, and you know if your role in any setting changes significantly you probably have to have the CRB redone again, don't you? Blech.

Nymphadora Sun 26-Aug-07 19:45:45

I thought I was bad with 3 current ones!

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