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Book recommendations?

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sharonkitten Sat 25-Aug-07 15:49:05

Waterstones (where my husband works) are producing a leaflet in conjunction with te Down Syndrome Educational Trust that will be going out to teachers & special needs assistants in schools, and they want to list 6 books that will have general appeal to carers/teachers of children with SN

anything you can recommend? ta!

Sharon x

thievingmagpie Sat 25-Aug-07 16:04:29

What a fab idea!

I always like dipping into this book:

Chnanged by a Child

It is very 'American', IYKWIM, but still very good . It is written for parents, however I think it would be really useful for carers and teachers to read.

nightcat Sat 25-Aug-07 22:00:18

this one (sorry, can't do links!) =sr11/026-2407402-0675647?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1188075543&sr=8-1

alycat Sat 25-Aug-07 22:44:30

Although my DS does not have AS, I loved this ords=Loving+Olivia

sharonkitten Sun 26-Aug-07 06:47:41

thank you I have passed them all on to him. I will pass on more links/ideas if anyone else has any suggestions

really appreciate this, thanks x

thievingmagpie Sun 26-Aug-07 09:29:19

I forgot this one - this book is my best SN recommendation I think - really useful.

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